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If you are not in the CS lab, download the appropriate client for your system, decompress it, install it, and execute it. personal identification information in the mIRC setup and choose a nickname, aka aliaswhich you will be known by on IRC.

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If you are not in the CS lab, download the appropriate client for your system, decompress it, install it, and execute it. chatx identification information in the mIRC setup and choose a nickname, aka aliaswhich you will be known by on IRC. Click on the Connect to IRC server! Enter "vatech" to the Va Tech channel. Notethis is not a common channel, if you are the first to connect, the channel will be created and you will need to wait for others to you.

You tetx also free to message dating sites blaine the channels folder by clicking on the Channels folder button: Check the IRC server status or message window.

If the nickname you have selected is in use the server will warn you and you must choose a new nickname immediately or you will be automatically disconnected. To choose a new nickname from mIRC, select Change nickname from the Commands menu and enter a new nickname. In mIRC you can also click on the List channels button:. You can Add channels tetx with the List channels command to your Channels folder list. Note that not all channels are preceded by a pound. In order to maintain a degree of anonimity on the IRC, to keep discussions lively 18840 room fucking guys, nicknames are used instead chsts real names.

Enter messages, global and private, to test the text communication provided by IRC.

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All non-command text typed is transmitted to everyone on the channel. The author participated in the chat which was a competition to determine which of the anonymous chatters was the host. The session capture below took place after the competition. Good thing our station repeats the show Sunday chat room montreal I wouldn't be able to hear it.

Cassandra: What is the ificance of the name Rev72?

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Baltimore around Thanksgiving. Grey: Oh. That's what gk stands for. Grey: coach We got it earlier this afternoon chahs Portland. Gerald: Showdown at the Entymological corral! Dan: Myerhoff in downtown B'more!

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Good job, Liz. MPR: Liz Dole are you still here? Grey: Gerald etymologoicla?

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Goof: Hey gk, when are you coming back to Orlando??? Hcats gk, you are coming to anchorage alaska very soon arent you? MPR: Liz, you got plenty of votes gk: Liz?

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We have a legion hall here. Val texh disappointed. The network was frozen for him for the last 15 minutes!!! Gerald: I goofed! It's frozen in Minnesota for more than 15 min.

Goof: Gerald I am Goof calvin: maurice certainly fooled me Aught: Im only an hour out of anchorage, but unfortunatly im going to be out of town during then moderator: Chatss, tiff3, maruice, calvin, and sam each got one right, and are our winners tonight gk: Maurice was good tonight. Sam: aught and snowshoe - Anchorage mar 2 coach: I liked Sugar myself. Grey: Garrison - I've only started listening to PHC lately, I'm blown away and in morning I haven't been listening longer gk: Margaux, you're brilliant at dissembling and misdirection.

The bars afterwards were a nice touch. Foiled again Grey: I got one right!

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Val: everything from about to about 5 minutes ago Gerald: I was too busy reading to solve the puzzle. Everyone was funny! Your husband can compete with tim russell for best Bob Dole impression. BillB: Will someone eventually post a description of how it ought to have been entertaining to do this exercise? Dan: Scrollback - that's hard to do unless you server is sloooow gk: BillB, you aren't having fun yet? Well organized internet stuff.

SF-Jim: gk. Cassandra: So what game do we play next week? What do you need, Liz?

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MPR: We're moderated here for a moment gk: Next week we tell the truth. MPR: www. Not the truth?! Grey: Huzzah. Dan: Thanks MPR cuats crew - had fun! Grey: I wonder if anyone thought AEnigma was gk?

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Dan: Suggestions! So far, it has been great, what kindof suggestions?? BGates: the truth about what??? HasBeen: Much thanknesses! Grey: Twice, even.

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Goof: is Nikki still here??? Gerald: Who cares!

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I'm starving. Take care. Still have some left. Zarkov: GK - vampire, what next Cassandra: Hehe Sparrow - what was that about you and a woman at a chts Goof breaks out the Red Killian MPR: Who are you Liz? Was fun. Thanks all BGates: no way! Sparrow: I hear that if it snows on Tuesday only 4 people are going to vote BWCASteve: liz - touche Gerald: Green shoes tvzed: and Bob's a Communist lizdole: nope the buchanan people will be out in droves.

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Grey: Ack. I can't seem to change my name back. I trained him myself. Thanks, MPR.

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Goof: MPR well, I have to rest Goof - I'll bring the beer next time. Goof: and I don't want to "goof" it up Goof: Thanks Cassandra Nikki: I must be off Beowulf to translate Thanks for the study break!

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Grey: Entertaining, though. Vhats love puzzle. Grey: Plural Goof: and I'll bring the popcorn YAY Grey: I'm about to faint from hunger, but other than that BGates: help others work it's like work to me snowshoe: Bye folks.

Looking forward to PHC in Anchorage. Grey: BGates - administrate, eh? Grey: Dr. Gates and Mr.

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Forbes peggy: I couldnt.