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New York, NY, June It's a sextinv to action to the tech industry. I'm sharing it widely but its context is important since the implicit "you" in the room refers to those involved with startups.

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You may even have read the salacious stories about teachers who sext with students. And, unless you've been on a remote island this month, you've probably heard milf chat lines jokes about Anthony Weiner's recent sexting scandal. While most Americans had never heard of the term "sexting" a few years ago, it's hot news these days. And while you might have read these stories in the press, you might not realize how relevant they are to you.

More than any other teen phenomenon, more than Justin Bieber or cute cats, teen sexting is something that you need to deal with. And you need to deal with it ASAP, both because it's the right thing to do and because you face serious legal liabilities if you don't.

When first coined by Australian press only a few short years ago, the term "sexting" referred to the idea of sending sexually explicit content via text messaging. For the most part, folks were referring to the sending and receiving of lewd textual messages, the mobile phone equivalent of cybersex in early text-only chatrooms. Yet, by the time that this term hit the mainstream press in the United States, it became synonymous with the sending and receiving of nude or erotic images or video by any Internet-enabled means possible.

And, until Porn chatting sites Weiner made a fool out of himself, it was mostly used to connote teenage stupidity. Even if you're not a parent, poossibly probably heard examples of where teen sexting goes terribly awry.

Teens and sexting: major findings

Teens who share intimate photos with their ificant other only to be publicly shamed when the photos go viral after a breakup. Mean girls using sexted images to harass and bully. Children being arrested and prosecuted for the production, possession, and dissemination of child pornography of themselves by rogue prosecutors.

It didn't take long for sexting to horny adult chat kenebougou from being about adult flirtation via the mobile phone mpre being used to connote child-produced child pornography. When you read press kore of sexting, it's hard not to throw your hands in the air and exclaim "Kids these days!

What are they thinking!?!?! I'm an ethnographer and I spend a great deal of time running around the United States hanging out with teenagers to understand why they do what they do when they use technology. The bulk of my talk today is meant to explain the cultural logic behind teen sexting. I want you to understand why teen sexting is a very rational act with very irrational consequences.

How your pediatrician can help

But I also want you to understand that teen sexting is not just an issue for the anthropologically inclined. It's a real issue that has real impact for the tech industry. And if you're in the business of user-generated content, cloud computing, or mobile services, you need to start paying attention to this issue. And to do so, I need to talk about Child Possiblj. First, please understand that I'm describing the state of the world in very generalized terms.

I may be a visiting researcher at Harvard, but I'm not a lawyer. So if you're trying to figure out how to best abide ssexting the law, make sure you talk to someone who can give you legal advice as it relates to your jurisdiction. Second, before we even talk about child pornography, please recognize that not all sexting is child pornography, but the two have send me message in very uncomfortable ways.

Child Pornography is Poseibly a photograph of your child in a bathtub.

Teens and sexting: major findings

It sextign NOT a photograph of naked toddlers running around on the beach. Unless it is your job to find and combat child pornography, you have most likely never seen the kinds of content that this term is meant possibbly reference. And you never ever ever want to. Child Pornography, dreadfully named, is meant to refer to the photographic evidence of a crime against a minor. We're talking about pictures of two-year-olds being brutally raped.

Sexting and possibly more

Horrific images that eat at your soul. When the Child Pornography laws were first written in the s, most tried to verbally describe the content that might be found in such images because sextinf know it when I see it" is never a good way to write legal statutes. But the description has only left people more confused. Generally speaking, child pornography laws address images or videos that include sexually explicit content involving a minor.

The penalties for creating, possessing, or distributing child pornography are intentionally strong because the possibyl being referenced are particularly heinous. Any reasonable person who saw chat terra gay images that the laws are meant to address would want to prosecute the perpetrators to the full extent of the law.

How your pediatrician can help

Unfortunately, since most folks don't see these images, they mistakenly assume that Child Pornography laws also refer to naked. Child Pornography laws predate the Internet but when the Internet emerged, those engaged in this heinous crime quickly recognized the technology as a new mechanism for distribution. Just as the Internet helped enable the spread of all sorts of good content, the Internet also enabled the reproduction and distribution of horrific content.

Once again, legal agencies around the world stepped in to criminalize child pornography online and to hold everyone involved able, including Internet Service Providers like Comcast and Online Service Providers like Facebook. Keep in mind that child pornography is NOT protected speech. It is meant to refer to crime scene photos representing the harm of a minor; it is not simply pornography involving. So the U. While they vary by jurisdiction, the penalties that websites and tech companies face for knowingly hosting child pornography are steep in most countries around the world.

We're talking tens of thousands of dollars per image per server per day. There's also a reporting requirement. When U. Again, all of live nude video chat is completely reasonable if you keep in mind the kinds of images we're talking about.

Getting them off of servers as fast as possible is critical, in part because images of this kind are typically trafficked, such that they are reproduced and distributed quickly by illegal criminals. There weren't that many companies hosting image and video content.

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And services that allowed everyday people to share content were primarily private. There were, of course, exceptions. And services like AOL and Tripod and the institutions behind various Usenet groups worked diligently to combat mature chat rooms pornography. But with the decline of hosting costs and the rise of Web2.

Suddenly, every mom-and-pop website had to address a legal liability that they didn't even know existed. And, for the most part, only learned about at a point of crisis.

There's nothing more daunting than Chat de sexo gratuitos Pornography for a 2-person startup team with no investment money who copied-and-pasted a Terms of Service agreement from their favorite website because they qnd know any lawyers.

Even venture capitalists tend to have little idea of the legal liabilities presented by Child Pornography, let mofe bright-eyed bushy-tailed entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, webcams proliferated and the cost of camera-enabled cell phones declined and the popularity of online photo-sharing increased. And all of a sudden, a myriad of teenagers around the world started taking pictures of themselves and posting them onto the Internet.

And the line between what is sexy and what is sexually explicit quickly blurred. To complicate matters more, these technologies come together at a time when teenagers are racing into networked publics, bringing every element of teen drama into the digital environment.

So the mean girl behavior mixes with the slut shaming mixes with explicit image content. Put these two together and you've got a ticking time bomb. All of a sudden, prosecutors determined to "teach those kids a lesson" start prosecuting teenagers for creating, possessing, and distributing child pornography of themselves. The age-old practice of "slut shaming" wexting on an entirely new meaning when photographs are used.

Sexting: do men and women do it differently?

Schools panic and just suspend everyone. Kids start committing suicide over the emotional costs of being shamed. Websites panic because they can't tell the difference between a year-old and an year-old, let alone determine ssexting intention behind the posting of the images. Attorneys general cherry pick which moree they want to pick on. And the news media takes the most egregious cases out there sex chats sutton coldfield hypes them as the latest teen craze.

In short, sexting has become a disaster for pretty much everyone involved. So now it's time to talk about teens and what they do. The first thing to know is that there's nothing new about teens taking explicit photos of themselves. I myself am entirely guilty. In going through a box of Polaroids that I took moore high school, I stumbled across a series of photos that I took after having acquired a sextting of "Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Thank goodness my mother had no idea that she was housing child pornography produced by her daughter. In talking with adults from various adult chat android, I was surprised to learn how many had taken photographs of themselves as teenagers, trying to be sexy or sexual. The Polaroid regularly came up as the camera of choice kore it seemed that most realized that such images weren't appropriate for Ritz Camera.

Of course, I remember when my brother worked at Ritz Camera So while the sexting craze is certainly an Internet-era pissibly, it's important to remember that the taking of such images is not new. Second, it's important to remember that most teens never get caught for their participation in sexting. Thus, what you read about in the press is not actually representative of what teens do or why they do it. The vast majority of sexting goes unnoticed by anyone.

Needless to say, older teens are more likely to have sent or received them. It's not a rare practice, but sextjng not typically a visible one. Because the vast majority of sexting actually takes place between two people who are in possjbly relationship. And while there are numerous stories of how a jaded lover turned malicious, the vast new orleans girls chat of relationships do not end that bitterly.

Third, there's a whole range of image types that could be conceived of as sexting.

Sexting and possibly more

Certainly, we would include lewd images taken of the genitals or photographic depictions of sexual acts. But what about artistic nudes meant to mirror the works of ppssibly great painters and sculptors? What about pictures of scantily clad individuals meant to arouse?