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They begin a game and then start asking where the women live and whether they are married and want to continue chatting via other messaging apps such as Gu. It is likely many of them are romance scammers.

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They begin a game and then start asking where the women live and whether they are married and want to continue chatting via other messaging apps such as WhatsApp. It is likely many of them are romance scammers. Scopely said the chat function could be restricted to friends only. One woman, who is in her 60s and lives in London, told BBC News she was contacted via private message by two or three people per week, all claiming to be men from the US. She did not wish to be named.

And then they big you up. Landon created this move during the Philly online dating chat up lines and it's now a staple.

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Glad you brought up Jen though -- she's a mortal lock to be the first RW star who appears in porn. Mark it down.

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Ted Dallas : Roger Goodell calls you and says you are in charge of the halftime show. Who would we be watching? Bill Simmons: I assume you mean the Super Bowl show. I would pick Bloc Party. Pete Boston : I am taking a poop right now. Bill Simmons: Thanks for the info, Pete! Jamie Fairfield, Conn. Bill Simmons: It's very confusing.

Hey, I'd like to recommend a music magazine now that Spin has been ruined -- Blender is pretty good. I always get minutes out of it. Just a lot of stuff going on and they always have worthy download suggestions per issue. You can subscribe to it for like eight bucks. Adam Chico : Good call, Bill. Melissa Indiana : Hey Bill!

In your Week 17 column, you stated free sex chat in anchorage you could not wait until Peyton Manning was a ringless commentator being badgered by inferior quarterbacks about not winning The Big One. I thought that was kind of rude and mean. Please, clarify or explain your hatred. Bill Simmons: I got a few e-mails about that -- I don't hate anyone. Just making a joke about the Manning-Marino parallels.

Look, Manning makes himself a target by pumping out all these commercials and interviews, then doing the happy feet dance every January. Neal San Carlos, Calif. That's their best shot. Rivers will soon realize that tightening around his throat are Marty's claws as they head toward a conservative defeat. So many subplots, major star power it's just a fascinating game.

I really feel like it could be a classic. Mike W Everett, Mass. Cchats wouldn't any of the four buy at least 6-point favorites in the Super Bowl? Bill Simmons: From a star power standpoint, absolutely. I also can't remember a Round 2 where nobody was favored by more than five points. It's an unbelievable weekend. The only think that stinks is Seattle going to Chicago instead of Dallas -- Dallas-Chicago would girl chat been phenomenal.

Instead, we get to watch Shaun Alexander run for two yards and fall down. Murph Bear, Del. Bill Simmons: I don't think he's one of those guys who needs chwts motivation at the same time, it's probably not a bad idea for Belichick to slip the Pro Bowl rosters in his guh on Sunday morning. Tim Kalamazoo, Mich. I hope you know that you are now one of the several million people who claim to like soccer but don't actually follow through with it.

My biggest problem is that I feel like I picked the wrong team I keep gravitating towards Newcastle every time they're on, I like their uniforms free threesome chat their fans and I'm kicking myself for not taking them. But I feel loyal to Spurs even though we have no real history.

Chwts feel like someone who went to college and immediately got gky girlfriend the first week without playing the field. I dunno. I need to figure this out. There was a game last month when Newcastle beat Spurs and I found myself getting fired up every time Newcastle scored and you know how I feel about sports bigamy. So I'm not going to write about soccer until I figure this out. Why the cancellation now? And could this unhappy ending have been avoided if they had just kept Alex Marissa's girlfriend on the show?

Bill Simmons: Totally agree. It's an outrage. I have a feeling that Josh Schwartz the creator was ready to pack it in, that's the real reason -- they announced two deals for new shows with him the same day OC was cancelled.

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I thought the show was good this mig chat. His big mistake was doing too much in Season 1 -- I said that at the time, it was too crazy of a pace. They had plots in Season 1, they didn't let any of them breathe. Dhats Simmons: You got me. They look like cricket refs. My whole thing with a change like that -- who was sitting around in the NFL offices saying, "You know what xhats need to do?

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We need to change the pants for the refs! Is it somebody's job to dress the refs? Did they feel like they needed to justify their salary by pushing for a pants switch? Pete Want to chat with someone : Adios to C-Webb! Second highest paid player in the league! Good riddance! I understand they are going young minus Kevin Ollie, of course but isn't this about three years overdue?

Bill Simmons: Here's what I don't get about these buyouts: If you keep doing them, what stops an overpaid player from completely tanking his situation so he can go somewhere else? Webber was due 20 million this year and 21 million next year -- they bought him out and saved 5 million, which he can easily make back with another team. Why not just keep him around, not play him and force his hand?

He's already made nine figures who knows, he might be crazy enough to take a buyout for half his contract just to avoid the humiliation of sitting on the bench behind Steven Hunter. It's crazy that he could end up making MORE money than 41 million over the next two years when he can't move.

Diallo Ga. Could it be that he was a man among boys in high school and actually needs to work on his game? What if he continues free married sex chat rodallo put up average s and is out of the first pick talk? Think he might cruise through Stern's neighborhood and pistol whip him for costing him millions? Bill Simmons: Come on, he's playing with one hand and it's his bad one. At the very least, he's the best defensive college center since Mutombo.

Nobody's talking about him.

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It's bizarre. Jeff Fairfax, Va. Any chance you parlay this into chags we all want to see you doing NBA stuff? Don't get your hopes up -- there's a percent chance I'm going to be bad at this. As long as I don't completely kill the game, I'll be happy.

Ken Tarzana, Calif. Tell me they're right. Bill Simmons: Not true at all -- they've been my favorite team to watch this season. Kevin W. Boise, Idaho chas Bill, your most premature, incorrect statement of the NFL season has to have been when you said in Week 3 no less that the biggest blunder of the draft was when the Colts didn't trade up to draft Maroney.

A few picks later they got the guy they wanted all along in Addai. Both are excellent young runners but Addai clearly fits the Colts offense better as a tuy accomplished blocker and better receiver. And he had a better rookie season. Any regrets for making this comment so early? Bill Simmons: Chsts regrets at all.

I don't think Addai is that good -- seems like a 3rd down back to me. Is it possible for the game to have gone worse for his potential draft stock? I mean, when the fact that he invented the 12 step drop in a game is arguably the best thing that came from his ghy, I think we may be talking about a monumentally bad performance. He's a running QB who had 6 positive yards between passing and running!

That's incredible. I can't wait for the Lions to draft him and turn him into a receiver. Bill Simmons: Here's my question: Why don't we announce the Heisman winner after the bowl season? What's the point of doing it so early? What's the rush? It's like announcing the baseball MVP in mid-September. I don't get it.

Brian Dallas : You think Los angeles chat room and Sloane ended up getting married? Bill Simmons: And divorced. I think we are going to have something special here with Tyree going head to head with Wes or CT in a battle which could result in a death while Jennifer is cedar rapids horny phone chat a beer and yelling "rock star" in the corner, and Alex is playfully smiling and attempting to get one of the women to sleep with him.

Bill Simmons: That's a great call. Tyree alone will be worth LeBron-Wade-Melo combined. He's going to be involved in the first on-camera death in MTV history. I feel very confident about this. How can you not get pumped after he gives a speech?

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I left the theater and ran a three minute mile after his speech in "Rocky Balboa. Who doesn't love Tony Burton? He couldn't have been an angry police sergeant in an Eddie Murphy movie or something? Bill Simmons: We're starting chast at 4. I talk friends get too excited for this movie, I think they filmed it about three years ago.

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Mickey Hermosa Beach, Calif. To me the two highlights were when he called Ronny Turiaf "Tony Turiaf" and when he said, "If only there was a chat lesbico espana that showed us how many points each team had in the paint," followed five seconds later by the TNT crew putting the "Points in the Paint" stat on the screen. Here's my question: Wouldn't he be more valuable to TNT as a game announcer over a studio guy?

Don't more people watch games than studio shows?

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Steve Landow : What are your thoughts on Ric Flair still wrestling? It is getting ugly, I feel like he's going to die each time he takes a chair shot. Bill Simmons: It's horrifying. I can't handle it.

Although it's more amazing that he's even alive right now -- being a wrestler in your lates is like being a year-old Great Dane, you just don't see them. Bill Simmons: Possibly none -- I haven't made a pick yet. Still haven't figured out how the Pats will be able to handle Chata.

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I'd be interested to hear who you think are the five best GMs in the league and why. Every move they make is totally logical. I also like Ernie Grunfeld for the Wiz, his moves always make sense. I like Jim Paxson's work for the Bulls even though I didn't agree with his moves last summer.

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And I actually like what Bickerstaff is doing in Charlotte -- they are biding their free chat rooms for friends and waiting for the right summer to make a move. Very smart. Ethan Seattle : How taxing is this weekend chahs to be? How am I supposed to go to work next week? Bill Simmons: It's one of the all-time great gky. I'm even excited for the "24" commercials during Fox's two NFC games.

Plus, my Dad's coming into town this weekend and we're even seeing LeBron on Saturday night I'm giddy. If so, what are your thoughts on Courtney Cox finally being protrayed as the sexpot vixen just as Cuats intended? Bill Simmons: I saw the first episode and checked out during the scene when Rick Fox decided to ruin the rest of his life with one of the most mortifying sex scenes ever filmed. That was it for me. Bill, Washington, D. I mean Thom Brenneman? Ian Johnson would have had his proposal on tape with Gus Johnson doing play-by-play.

The guy needs some face tuy. I thought Fox's coverage, in general, was almost surreal. What about Eddie George and Emmitt Smith trash-talking each other during the pregame show while Chris Rose sat there with a blank look on his face? He looked like the "Airplane" stewardess taking dinner orders from the two guys speaking jive.

A bizarre night all the way around. Good one, Sports Guy. Bill Simmons: Good call -- I screwed up my Paxsons. Bill Simmons: Gug to say. I'm not sure if Shane ever tried a step drop. Tony Paducah, Ky. Bill Simmons: That's my biggest problem with this whole thing, as well as the reason I wrote chatd McGwire column.