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Thadani Marg, Worli, Bombay, India. Since its introduction inMulti-Drug Therapy MDT is heralded as one of the most important and stimulating contributions to leprosy control. One of the main objectives of introducing MDT is to prevent drug resistance. While it took over a decade to first suspect dapsone resistance, its prevalence has since increased at an alarmingly high rate.

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Thadani Marg, Worli, Bombay, India. Since its introduction inMulti-Drug Therapy MDT is heralded as one of the most important and stimulating contributions to leprosy control. One of the main objectives of introducing MDT is to prevent drug resistance. While it took over a decade to first suspect dapsone resistance, its prevalence has since increased at acckunt alarmingly high rate.

In chqt much shorter period thereafter, secondary resistance has been reported with rifampicin, clofazimine, ethionamide and prothionamide. To date however M. The paper discusses implications of emergence of multidrug resistance in leprosy.

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The need for continued surveillance and accumulation of data on multi-drug resistance in leprosy is stressed, to be certain about the prevalence and to devise strategies to effectively prevent or decelerate its spread. Cellona, Eduardo C.

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Dela Cruz, Tranquilino T. Fajardo, Jr. Villahermosa and Gerald P. Exposure of the community to these individuals has brought about the emergence of primary dapsone resistance in endemic areas. Dapsone sensitivity was determined by feeding the inoculated mice varying concentrations of the drug in the diet.

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Our demonstrate primary dapsone resistance in This is a ificant increase over earlier surveys in Cebu in which 8. This finding stresses the importance of vigorous implementation of MDT to check the resurgence of primary drug resistant cases.

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Details comparing the of the present study with those of earlier studies in the Philippines keral chat be presented and discussed. Chopra District Leprosy Officer District Project Officer, Bharuch - Gujarat The prospective study of relapse includes pa cibaciliary cases of leprosy belonging to non-lepromatous group consisting of tuberculoid, neuritic and indeterminate.

Paucibacillary regimen being according to WHO was rifampicin mg. The criteria applied for diagnosis of relapse after excluding Type I reaction, were extension of existing skin lesions, appearance of new skin lesions, paresis, paralysis of ly unaffected muscles and presence of acid-fast bacilli in skin smears. The relapse rates in these patients will be compared with relapse rates in PR patients who had received dapsone monotherapy for a minimum period of 2 years in Bharuch district using following parameters.

The drugs are well tolerated and side effects are minimal. The of the study and factors associated with occurrence of relapse, time interval and period of follow -up will be presented. Katoch; M. Natrajan; C. Shivannavar; V. Sharma; M. Patil; A. A pilot trial earlier showed that it has some beneficial effect in leprosy also. The progress was monitored periodically by clinical, bacteriological, BI, mouse foot pad, bacillary ATP measurements and histopathological parameters.

Smears from the same sites and biopses were repeated yearly. The patients tolerated the drugs fairly well.

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These patients have been compared with accout cases sexting 40 pine bluff 40 same MDT without Pyrazinamide. The incidence and magnitude of reactions and nerve damage was comparable and was easily controllable with routine anti-reaction treat-ment. There was no growth in the mouse foot pad in Pyrazinamide and non- Pyrazinamide groups at 2 years and beyond.

Pyrazinamide containing regimen appears to nave sonic role in achieving improved sterlizing effect in multibacillary leprosy. Gelber; Lydia P. In our first clinical trial of minocycline mg once daily for 3 months, the 8 lepromatous leprosy patients responded exceedingly rapidly both clinically and bacteriologically.

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After 1 week of therapy 6 of the patients had noticeable improvement observed in either skin erythema or induration, 2 showing improvement in both. After 3 months of minocycline all the patients had noticeable improvement in their skin lesions, 6 patients having complete resolution of all erythema and horny mom chat rooms bliri. One patient had mild transient vertigo 1 month into the trial which resolved spontaneously without the centrr to discontinue treatment.

No other adverse reaction or laboratory abnormality was noted in the treated patients. Of considerable importance and possible ificance, no patient had a lepra reaction during the trial period. Serum minocycline levels in the studied patients were as expected from the literature: 1. At 1 month 3 patients had lost viable M.

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Because minocycline has been utilized without ificant toxicity for long periods of time and for over 2 decades, the rapid clinical response and clearance of viable M. Currently being completed is a second clinical trial of minocycline administered first as a single mg dose and followed 1 week later with mg twice daily for 3 months. In this trial patients on clinical grounds also improved rapidly and similarly lost viable M.

will be presented quantitating the killing of M. Blanc; P. Jamet; o. Faye; S.

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Among this cohort, reapses occared during fol1ow-up time from end of treatment to January -Relapses were diagnosed on clinical, bacteriological and histological criteria, to date 66 were confirrmed by the presence of viable M. Relapse rate ranged from 2. Average risk of relapse at year 5 was high for the 3 regimens that duration were three months or less 8. For these last regimens, risk of relapse at year 10 ranged tram 7. Time distribution or relapses for regimens having at least 10 years follow-up showed pikes at year bbw chat in rio rancho and 9.

The risk or relapse was not totaly explained by the therapy. Other withoug risk factors for relapse would be interesting to be analysed Bacteriologic Index, HIV infection, Steroid therapy for reactions Dhople2; Arnaldo E. Alvarenga3; Wolfgang v.

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Ballestrem3; Oscar R. Leguisamon3; Martin Dietz4; 1. Borstel Research Institute, D Borstel. Florida Inst. Ministerio de Salud Publica, Dept. Lepra, Asuncion, Paraguay. Alert, P.

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BoxAddis Ababa, Ethiopia. A new combination consisting of Dapsone DOS and the dihydrofolate reductase inhibitor activity. This is demonstrated on Mycobacterium tufu as a model strain chhat well as on M.

The in vitro efficacy has dirty chat online convincingly confirmed in mouse foot pad experiments. Regimen Cente shows convincing clinical and laboratory efficacy after 3 months. Treatment with regimen C was - in contrast to the initial protocol - completely stopped because of the excellent clinical. Patients are now under relapse control.

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Tolerance of all 3 regimens was generally good. Ji1; E.

Perani1; P. Jamet2; I.

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Traore2; J. Grosset1 1.

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The of these studies clearly indicate that three new classes ol bactericidal agents are added to the short list of antileprosy drugs. Combining these drugs with RMP may permit ificant shortening of the duration of multidrug therapy MOT and develop a fully supervised, monthly administered MDT regimens, in addition, the these new drugs, probably in combination wilh clofazimine, may play an important public sex chat for the treatment of RMP-resiStant leprosy.

Al present, we are testing the bactericidal activities of various combinations ol new antileprosy drugs in M. Romero, M. Tropical Disease Foundation, Makati Medical Center, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines Twenty 20 biopsy proven, ly untreated leprosy patients were entered into the study using a 28 day course of daily minocycline mgs.

These patients were otherwise in good health between the ages of 15 and 65, nonpregnant and non-lactating. The showed clinical ocd chat room in all patients, earlier for those in the TT and BT types and within the year for the more serious forms of the disease. The drug combination was chst tolerated with no disturbance of baseline laboratory functions. Withiut are still being followed-up every three 3 months for the last 2 years with no clinical evidence of relapse.

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Leprosy is a scourge of the mankind which makes the individual afflicted by it not only suffer but also undergo the odium of an outcaste. However all of them have some side effects and need to be continued for a long time. We have undertaken a comparative study to assess the efficacy of colchicine and storiods in type II lepra reaction. Group A consists of 30 patients treated with colchicine and Group B consists of 30 patients treated with steriods.

Colchicine was effective in controlling mild to moderate degrees of Type II Lepra reactions within a short span of time. It also reduced patients stay in the hospital. Colchicine is a safe drug except GIT symptoms.