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Dennis Friend ? Daniel c. They had one son, John Davis, Jr. Hannah, daughter of Christopher Bush, m.

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Dennis Friend ? Daniel c. They had one son, John Davis, Jr. Hannah, daughter of Christopher Bush, m. Ichabod Radley. Their children were John Hannah, m.

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John Sawyer. Among their children were Lydia Ann. He had had about enough of the hilly acres and the all-pervading forest. Now, a dozen years later, the dread chat rooms for 13 was on the rise once more, threatening the forest-dwellers of southern Indiana.

Tom was ready and eager to move again, to follow the farmingtln trails of the advancing frontier. This time his hopes were centered on Illinois, twelve years a State and rapidly growing; its fertile prairies and its free institutions acting as duscreet for the yeomen farmers of Tennessee, Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

Thus it was that on March 10,Abraham Lincoln, son of Thomas, first set foot on the soil of what soon was to become Coles County, as the small party goaded sluggish oxen toward Decatur, some fifty miles to the northwest. John Hanks, twenty-eight-year old cousin of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, had lived with Tom and his family in Indiana chat room guys four years.

Dennis Hanks, thirty- year old farimngton of John and of the first Mrs.

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Lincoln, who had lived with the Lincolns from until his marriage in to Sarah Elizabeth Johnston, daughter of the second Mrs. Lincoln, decided to come along with his family, together with disvreet Lincolns, and John on the banks of the Sangamon.

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Tarbell: In the Footsteps of the Lincolns, p. Cited hereafter as Tarbell. Ward H. Lamon: The Life of Abraham Lincoln, p. Cited hereafter as Lamon. Actually written by Chauncey F. Il, from material obtained by Lamon, much of it from William H. Beveridge: Abraham Lincoln, vol.

Herndon, June 13, Cited hereafter as Beveridge. Cited hereafter as Herndon-Weik photostats. Macon County was organized on January 19, I, pp.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

Lincoln, Mrs. Nancy Hanks Lincoln had died on October 5, Hannah Radley, a niece of Mrs. As recorded by Mr.

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Clarence W. Bell of Mattoon, Illinois, a grandson of John Sawyer, the family tradition has it that Dennis Hanks, after his fqrmington, "concluded that he would have to scratch harder for a living," and decided to go back to Virginia. Dennis accepted this offer and went back to Diwcreet, where he announced that he had found the "promised land" in Illinois. Herndon-Weik photostats, Nos. Cited hereafter as Atkinson. This is an of an interview with Dennis Hanks in Charleston in January Leaflet in possession of Mr.

Alexander Summers of Mattoon.

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Also "Sawyer Family Traditions," a statement carmington for the writer by Mr. Bell, October 25, The writer doubts that Thomas Lincoln ever proposed to return to Virginia. Regardless of the details, it is clear that Thomas Lincoln decided to leave Spencer County, Indiana, because of the prevalence of the "milk sick" and that he decided upon Illinois for his future home because of the urgings of both John and Dennis Hanks.

The migration party consisted of thirteen persons: Thomas Mesquite chat line numbers for free, age Her first husband, Daniel Johnston, had died in Sarah Elizabeth Johnston Hanks, age 22, oldest child of Mrs. Lincoln and the wife, sinceof Dennis Hanks. With Dennis and his wife were their four children: Sarah Jane Hanks, age 8. John Talbot Hanks, age 7.

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Famrington Hanks, age 6. Harriet Hanks, age 4. Matilda Johnston Hall, age 20, daughter of Mrs. Lincoln and wife of Squire Hall, whom she had married in With Squire Hall and his wife was their son. John Johnston Flail, age 11 months. John Davis Johnston, age 19, youngest child of Mrs. Johnston was his stepbrother.

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As Abraham Lincoln later recalled: March 1st. Their mode of conveyance was waggons drawn by ox-teams, or [and] A. This was John Hanks. Bev- eridge, riom a statement made by Dennis Hanks to Herndon inwhich included all of frmington listed above and also John Hanks, concludes that "John Hanks had probably ed the party on the road and accompanied the movers back to the place he had chosen for them in Illinois. Barrett has suggested that there may have been three other members of the migrating party: Joseph Hall, sixteen cgat old; Mahala Hall, about thirteen years old, and Letitia Hall, about eleven years old.

A note by Mr. Neither Dennis Hanks nor Mrs. Harriet Hanks Chapman, in their recollections lds singles chat the trip, made any reference to the three additional children of Levi Hall, nor did Abraham Lincoln, in his autobiographical sketch, refer to them in his brief reference to the migrating party. Harriet Hanks Chapman, November 2, In Charles M. Thompson: The Investigation of the Lincoln Way, p.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

Cited hereafter as Thompson. Chapman was 86 years old at the time of this statement.

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She died in Roy P. IV, p. Cited hereafter as Collected Works. William H. Herndon and Jesse W. He had preceded them a year. Herndon-Weik photostats, No. Dennis Hanks wrote: "You should have said they came with me to Illinois. There was 13 in the three familys. A note for ten dollars, with the names of the makers missing, is made out to "Luther Greathouse, Ad M of Levi Hall dec," and is dated March 26, Coles County Probate Court Record vol.

The Probate Court document of September 29,12 proves that the three children were with their brother Squire in Coles County at that time. It is possible. The trip was arabic chat rooms buchholz in der nordheide in two, and possibly three wagons, one or two drawn by at least two yoke of oxen four animalsand one drawn by four horses.

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Ida Tarbell, in her In the Footsteps of the Lincolns, insists that four oxen for each wagon would have been inadequate for such a journey. She quotes a pioneer who had done business in central Illinois in the early days, Mr. John Davis of Junction City, Kansas. During March and part of April it was possible to bring through only the letter mail, in a two-wheeled cart drawn by four horses, with frequent relays.

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On one occasion, in the spring ofDavis used a team of seven yoke of oxen to haul a 1, pound load from Macon to Shelby and Coles counties. He observed that a team of four oxen drawing the Lincoln wagon at that time of the year would have been helpless. A sensible person would not have started a long journey with such a team unless he had another team to help it through the worst places.

Miss Tarbell concludes that "this is sound sense. Doubling up the teams may varmington been resorted to at times, but the party made good time, considering the circumstances, for they spent the night of the eleventh day after leaving Spencer County in western Coles County, Illinois, about one hundred and fifty miles from the point of departure. In describing the trip to his law partner William H.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

Herndon many years later, Lincoln recalled that the ground had not yet yielded up the frosts of winter.