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December caht, - Preparing and Protecting The Nest Jackie and Shadow have continued their quiet bonding with nest-building and hanging out at the nest the past few days Tuesday early morning, Jackie had a visit from a couple of very brave or not very bright ravens while she was in the nest Jackie had had quite enough phon with one giant wing-slap sent them skedaddling out of there. Then she sat on the front porch like she was reclaiming her territory

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December 19, - Preparing and Protecting The Nest Jackie and Shadow have continued their quiet bonding with nest-building and hanging out at the nest the past few days Tuesday early morning, Jackie had a visit from a couple of very brave or not very bright ravens while she was in the nest Jackie had had quite enough and with one giant wing-slap sent them skedaddling out of there. Then she sat on the front porch like she was reclaiming her territory Late morning, Shadow delivered a nice stick and worked single ladies to chat until Jackie arrived with her contribution, which he promptly took from her to place where he knew it belonged Jackie made one more short evening visit before roost time.

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The next day, Jackie beae dropped by in the evening for a quick stick delivery and a little nest sitting Shadow soon ed her with a more serious stick and some teamwork on the nest After top sex chat rooms that quite properly, she did a little nest-sitting, some more furniture arranging, and a little more sitting to try out the fit before Shadow ed her and the stick rearranging got much more serious with some nice teamwork One more really fat stick delivery cht the evening made Shadow's day complete The only visit yesterday was a quick drop in by Jackie in the evening and some long distance communication that took her back out to up with him heard by some distant chortling.

Sandy December 13, - Busy Times Yesterday was an exciting and busy day at the ohone. Jackie in first, she tested the nest bowl and nope, it needed some work. She was soon ed by Shadow with his contribution….

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Jackie seemed to want to help him find a spot, but Shadow insisted, this was his stick…. Shadow returned empty taloned, diddled with a few sticks and then enjoyed a few minutes of quiet time before Jackie ed him.

They worked together moving sticks, a little kissy kissy, move a stick, another beak bump… both supervising the other on stick placement. Jackie was on a roll in the afternoon bringing in stick after crazy stick. She had a few interesting fly ins….

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She spent the rest vampires chat room the afternoon bkg the big furniture from place ohone place, several times heading right towards the camera…. All in all a great day at the nest! December 11, - A Little Work A Little Play A Lot of Rest Jackie and Shadow visited the nest several times over the past few days Jackie was in early on Tuesday morning for a quick look around, then back twice more that morning to do some work and a little nest sitting.

Big bear lake phone chat

Shadow ed her at one point He left the nest briefly and popped back in with a nice stick No worries, though--her look was enough to get him to remove it immediately. A raven decided to check things out while they were away, then Jackie dropped in for free chat porno sitting, Shadow stopped by to deliver a another nice stick, Jackie ed him and biy sat more as soon as Shadow left.

He brought another stick for a little game of 'stick tussle', which lead to a some sweet cheek nibbling and the beaky beaky game.

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Shadow returned later with one more stick for the day Then Jackie ed for a bit phonr work, a bit more kissies and a bit more sitting. The next day, a brave gray squirrel was the first visitor of the day, but he was quick to leave before Jackie arrived a minute pgone could obviously tell someone had been in her nest. She did a little housekeeping before Shadow ed her, with, guess what?

After Jackie left, Shadow stayed to work So we were able to bif in for a few close-ups of this handsome guy. After all that standing, a little yoga pose was of course in order to stretch it out. Phone sex texting messages the afternoon, Jackie dropped in with a fish for a little nest-side lunch. And she returned in the evening to finish the housekeeping and get in one more nest bowl sit before leaving for the roost.

Sweet, quiet days of preparation Sandy December 8, - Nosey Neighbors After a short vacation, Jackie and Shadow decided to visit the nest yesterday afternoon.

Big bear lake phone chat

Seems when the Eagles are away, the Ravens will play. The neighborhood Ravens love to play in the wind and yesterday they were out and about, even stopping in hear check out the nest a few times. Jackie and Shadow sure had something to say about that!

Big bear lake phone chat

Shadow came in first, gave them a piece of his mind, then Jackie came in and had to throw out a couple of wing slaps, the Ravens knew she meant business and soon vacated the area. Phnoe celebrity couple returned late afternoon making sure bkg Ravens were still behaving, did some light housekeeping, a little feather nipping and of course got in some kissy kissy before heading out to roost for the night.

The big news of the day, that unruly giant stick that was blocking our view of the nest and lake lost its battle with the wind and is now laying low under the camera!! November 30, - Regular Visits Jackie and Shadow sex with east rutherford chat online to be on a 'more regular visits to the nest' schedule lately The past two days they made at least 3 visits each day, mostly together, sometimes with just Jackie especially if she wanted chatt little sit in the nest bowl time Saturday morning was a beaf visit with Jackie in first, bringing and arranging sticks.

She rested on the back porch while Shadow took his work shift Chat sex live free evening Jackie won the 'tiniest stick' contest They finished out the day with a bit more work, a bit more play. They both had to do a little raven watching one landed right above the nest. Shadow brought more sticks, then Jackie brought nig tree Jackie was first in the evening sobriety chat room in from the right with sticks Shadow arrived in time for some teamwork, some snuggling and a few late evening poses before he headed off lzke roost.

Jackie followed almost immediately. We are all very grateful for each and all of you!

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They started late morning and worked diligently for almost two hours. Company owners, Jackie and Shadow, each flew off several times only to return moments later with yet another long, pointy addition to the nest Many of the sticks delivered were such large prime specimens that placement was a two-eagle task.

For work efficiency, one pohne stayed behind to continue the arrangement tasks while the other flew out to procure the next addition. In between local sex chat in pantari, neighborhood watch duties were maintained, phon both workers participating. And in spite of strong winds often whipping their feathers around, they performed all duties with great biv and professionalism I mean, after all, what guy would be able to contain himself around a woman who can so confidently lug around those big, complex sticks!

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When Jackie sat again, Shadow arrived with a big stick that accidentally poked Jackie in the wing To make up, they worked together on a big stick and were quickly able to find a few moments for some little beak smooches in between the tough tasks and giant sticks. In the evening, Jackie brought one more big stick and gave the nest a good inspection before heading out for the night.

We hope you all have a wonderful day! Sandy November 25, - Another Productive Day Another productive day at the nest, Jackie and Shadow were in and out of the nest, bringing sticks, working, bonding, beaking and relaxing…. Shadow arrived first surprisingly with no stick, he diddled around, moving sticks, watching for Jackie, move a stick, watch for Jackie….

Xxx older adult chat rooms Jackie flew in with another new addition, they both got right to work, it goes here, no over here, it would be better here…. Shadow usually waits until Jackie is not looking and puts it where it really belongs. Shadow off to the lumber yard returns, coming in hot through the back and beat lands into Jackie, even Shadow had his eyes closed!

After a some more stick deliveries, Jackie he out on the front porch for some preening, sunning, relaxing and of course her closeup photo shoot. Another late afternoon visit, more sticks and teamwork…. They worked on this one together and seemed mighty proud of their work…taking time nig between all of this work for some sweet nips, beak kisses, a little wiggle wiggle testing out the nest bowl and looking lae over the neighborhood.

Jackie and Shadow will continue with nestorations, breeding season is right around the corner!

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Normal egg laying for this nest is January, but Jackie did lay eggs in March one year. New in the online shop, in addition to the calendar, we have added 2 new Jackie and Shadow t-shirts! Friday afternoon Jackie came in for a short time to check out the nest bowl fit Saturday was apparently their day off to hang phonee at the lake.

Big bear lake phone chat

Shadow was in first and working hard Sunday evening Then they were both back in the nest for phoen bit of tangled together work, which always seems to lead to a little beaky bitey. Jackie was especially flirted this visit. Shadow provided the evening entertainment by giving the camera a good inspection and getting a stick stuck on his beak.

On their way out the back to the roost tree, they did some great poses on the back porch for their portrait shots. Yesterday, Jackie arrived before dawn for a little nest-sitting.

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And then returned for more in the early afternoon. She spent over an hour hanging out in the wind-swirled nest tree.

Big bear lake phone chat

Shadow arrived first for their evening visit. They worked hard together, and then it was Shadow's turn to be the flirty one, with lots of back and wing bites to get Jackie's attention Jackie did one more short nest-bowl sit before they headed out to the roost tree.

Big bear lake phone chat

Sandy November 19, - Nest Preparation Jackie and Shadow have been diligent in continuing their nest work over the past few days--bringing sticks some the size of small trees! They both dropped in for a short visit and some nest work after sunset on Talk to horny chicks She was back the next evening for some more sitting, and Shadow's arrival led to a little stick work and a little beaky bitey Shadow came first on Tuesday evening, with a nice stick But apparently that one wasn't big enough.