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A massive four city-block-long woodpile? Statues of arctic animals that live nowhere nearby? I never really got the joke. I like Thunder Bay.

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A massive four city-block-long woodpile? Statues of arctic animals that live nowhere nearby?

I never really got the joke. I like Thunder Bay.

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TBay has a list of things going for it. TB has probably the best lookout on Highway 11 at the Terry Fox memorial. It also has a majestic port bordered by rock formations on both sides.

It is the hometown of the most pro hockey players per capita. Bezrdmore hostilities between Port Arthur and Fort William to a minimum since The street names change between north and south. In order to solve the problem, they held a referendum. As always, the voters were split. Is it true? Is there animosity?

Beardmore, ontario guy looking for american fun

Bobby Curtola is from Port Arthur. Paul Shaffer is from Fort William. Which means only oldies music. Thunder Bay has a lot of variety in neighbourhoods. Many parts are littered with old northern hotels and taverns a la Timminswhile some residential areas have stately turn-of-the-century homes a la Haileyburywhile there are the s suburbs beardmmore la Etobicoke, but with bigger lawnswhile Walsh Street is essentially a paved hydro corridor with homes on either side a la Longlac.

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The whole situation means that, while Thunder Bay is a really nice city, it can be sprawly, confusing, and makes for horrible driving. The prevalence of shipping means that the city is criss-crossed by train tracks, which pretty much cut off the city from most of its waterfront, save for a nice park in the north. I bi sexual phn chat fort stockton but that the port in south Thunder Bay is bigger, but that the elevators in north Thunder Bay are near the waterfront park and therefore make for nicer photos.

There are beautiful views of Sleeping Giant the big rock formation off the bearrmore from both the waterfront marina park or from Hillcrest Park on High Street. One of the coolest thing about Thunder Bay is beaardmore massive rock-bubble-things that border the south part of town. Maybe they can put a statue of a famous Thunder Bayer up there. Flashes of the cosmopolitan.

Beardmore, ontario guy looking for american fun

You can pose with the concrete geese representing Finland. Italy, Scotland, Greece, India, the Philippines, and others are all there too. Or the random Italian villa surrounded by a chain-link fence. However, you have to give TB some credit here.

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Fewer would have even considered it. Sure, the Confucius statue and adjacent mini-pavilion looks like it could be beside Chinese restaurant in Markham, but who cares? A Persian is a holeless doughnut rubbed with cinnamon and topped with a bright pink sugary raspberry glaze. The Norwesters. As one bearddmore my co-workers has told me, she works with people in Thunder Bay and when she asks them about Persians, she could practically hear their mouths water through the phone.

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When she goes there for meetings, she buys two flats and brings them back from Thunder Bay on the plane, and only one beardmor makes it back alive. Persians — unique to TBay, tho eerily similar to the Paczkis of Cleveland or the doughnuts of pretty much anywhere else.

Beardmore, ontario guy looking for american fun

There are gay texting numbers locations that sell Persians the doughnuts — not the ancient peoples — one on Tungsten out by the universityand one on Balmoral. Just look for The Persian Man. There is a real mall, a movie complex, the only Swiss Chalet since North Bay, some other chain restaurants, but no Giant Tiger disappointing. The gallery is small, but entrance is ridiculously cheap. Thunder Bay also has a symphony, as well as a charity casino.

The corner of Algoma and Bay in north Thunder Bay is a bit of berdmore hip spot, with some pubs, a hostel, and specialty shops nearby a Finnish-language bookstore, and Finn-tastic Sauna and Gift Shop. Beardkore as soon as you get start getting visions of grandeur, Thunder Bay returns to its northern roots. There are all-you-can-eat cabbage rolls and pirogi every Friday from at the Polish Hall on Algoma. Where I grew up we had double the population but only half the bowling alleys.

There is Tacotime, some sort of Mexican franchise that has placed its geometric cacti throughout the city.

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This picture does not do those catci justice. And the food is pretty good too… Taco Time!

Beardmore, ontario guy looking for american fun

I was overjoyed beafdmore I found one on my honeymoon in Logan, Utah, and when another opened in the Atrium on Bay in Toronto. Sadly, the Torontonians have no taste. There are also the totally random people.

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Send me message saw kids sitting unseatbelted not even strapped in with a rope or duct-tape on a flatbed truck, as well as roving from side-to-sid e in the cargo hold of pickups. In one of my strangest? He walked across the street to a cemetery. Beardmord let his dog poo in the cemetery, and he walked right back across the street to his home.

Gross, but funny.

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Finally, you know Thunder Bay is a true northern town as it obeys the two main laws of Highway 11 — that each city must have something big, and something in a pile. Thunder Bay has both — its five-foot tall curling rock, and the ever-popular pile of chat avenue sex. I used to have these teeny-tiny pixel square photos of the Thunder Bearsmore waterfront on this site. What would this website be like without User P at Wikimedia Commons saving everyone from my pitiful photography?

The photo at the top of the post bearddmore also his.