Investor Warren Buffett would like to see more expensive iPhones

While investment banker Warren Buffet continues to buy Apple shares, he has often philosophized about Apple’s future in recent days. So he is for example the opinion That joining forces with Tesla would be a mistake, and that Apple’s greatest strength is the fact that people are “practically their entire lives” aligned to the iPhone. Accordingly, his opinion of Apple’s pricing is not surprising. So he reveals now opposite CNBC that the iPhone is much too cheap.

Are iPhones too cheap?

It took a while until Warren Buffet was convinced by Apple. For a long time, he and his investment firm Berkshire Hathaway went far for Apple and the iPhone. However, he is now convinced of the company and the management style. So he explained in a previous interview that Tim Cook enjoys his full confidence. In one case, however, he sees room for improvement – and in the pricing of the iPhone. So Apple could increase the profit significantly, if the average price for the iPhone would rise. The iPhone X had shown that this bill can work.

The iPhone belongs to the lives of the users nowadays and offers a big added value. That would have to be considered in the pricing, says Buffet. In other words, Apple could demand as much as they want – the iPhone is bought anyway.

If the current rumors come true, Buffet will probably have to talk to Tim Cook. Because currently it looks like Apple is turning the price down. Analysts estimate that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will start at $ 699. The iPhone X successor and the corresponding “plus” model could start at 899 US dollars or 999 US dollars. In our article picture you can see what the new iPhones might look like. However, these are Dummy Models , which mostly come from accessory manufacturers.

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