Another Apple store in California was robbed

It is currently picking up a crime wave over Apple’s stores in California. As with the other recent robberies, another incident occurred when a group of people entered the store and suddenly started stealing hardware from the display tables. Subsequently, the perpetrators fled in a waiting escape vehicle.

Apple stores preferred

As ABC 7 News Reported in California, do not stop the raids on Apple stores. After last week, Apple stores in Emeryville and Santa Rosa rudely cleared, now was the Apple Store in Burlingame’s turn. Previously, perpetrators beat in Roseville and Fresno.

Mostly, the perpetrators have successfully escaped after the robberies. However, this was not always the case. In August, two men in the Oaks Mall did not expect the energetic citizens of Thousand Oaks, who had unhesitatingly stopped the thieves. The rest of the force was later arrested by the police.

Anyway, it’s surprising why the thieves focus on Apple’s stores. Apple uses special versions of its software for all demo devices that make them useless if stolen from a store. However, given the fact that these robberies happen again and again, the thieves obviously have a chance to earn money with them: probably by selling the items.

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