iOS 12 offers significant improvements for portrait photos

Since the iPhone 7 Plus Apple relies on portrait photos. At least the iPhone 7 Plus was the first iPhone model, which was equipped with a dual camera. iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have since followed. For almost two years now, we’ve been shooting portraits with our iPhone on a regular basis and we’re still impressed with how well the iPhone is mastering this discipline. With iOS 12, there will once again be a noticeable improvement.

iOS 12 offers significant improvements for portrait photos

With iOS 11, Apple has introduced the so-called portrait light, which is currently supported by the iPhone 8 Plus (rear camera) and iPhone X (rear camera and front camera). With portrait light, you can apply up to four studio-quality lighting effects to pictures taken in portrait mode. The Studio Light effect brightens facial features, Contour Light gives you more dramatic directional lighting, Scene Light isolates the subject in Spotlight, and Stage Mono gives you classic black and white stage lighting.

Apple itself calls portrait light on iOS 11 beta. This will change with iOS 12. The labeling beta is eliminated and at the same time there are noticeable improvements.

Ben Sandofsky, developer of the Halide camera app, noticed that iOS 12 makes much better portrait photos than iOS 11. As the embedded photo shows, iOS 12 recognizes much better the edges of a person or an object and can better separate this from the background , Even single hairs are recorded much more accurately on iOS 12.

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