Face ID 2018: VCSEL manufacturer reports strong demand from Apple

As Loup Ventures reported that Lumentum Holdings exceeded its sales forecast in the June quarter. The manufacturer produces components for the TrueDepth camera system. The boom suggests that Apple plans to install the camera system for the new iPhone and iPad Pro models this year.

FaceID for the 2018 lineup

Apple is usually very cautious when it comes to pre-release information about new products. Apple’s supply chain, however, in the run-up to new hardware a treasure trove for the rumor mill. So this time Lumentum Holdings gives us every reason to believe that Apple wants to use Face ID nationwide this year.

Lumentum Holdings is responsible for the VCSEL infrared sensors of the iPhone X. These special sensors are at the heart of the TrueDepth camera system, which enables FaceID. The supplier has announced a “better than expected” result in its latest quarterly results. The company says it has experienced a boom in the area of ​​AR and 3D sensors earlier than expected due to Apple’s production ramp-up of this year’s new iPhones. With a market share of around 75 percent, Lumentum is the largest supplier of 3D sensor chip technology. The company reported sales of $ 60 million to $ 65 million, with a particularly strong increase towards the end of the quarter, which is expected to continue through the year-end.

Remarkably, Apple is once again the largest customer for VCSEL orders. Thus, the increased production is attributed to a large extent Apple, which suggests that this year Apple equips all three iPhone models with the FaceID technology. Furthermore, according to the rumor mill, the iPad Pro 2018 will also be equipped with Face ID. We do not have to wait much longer to be sure. In all probability, Apple will introduce its new lineup in September.

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