EU increases pressure: Unified charger for smartphones

Already in the past, the European Union has made several attempts to move smartphone manufacturers to uniform chargers. So far, however, this has not succeeded, so that the EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager now makes another attempt.

EU increases pressure: Unified charger for smartphones

The EU wants to persuade manufacturers to bring a single charger for smartphones to the market. Years ago, Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Co already have signed an agreement, nothing has come of it yet.

In our understanding, the EU is concerned with a uniform charger and not with a uniform charging socket on the devices. It is said that annually 51,000 tons of electronic waste come from old chargers.

Apple relies on its iPhone models on a Lightning connector, while Android smartphones mainly MicroUSB and USB-C are used. But even with the chargers there are differences. Both Apple and the Android Smarpthone manufacturers primarily uses a USB-A port. A look at the fine print shows that the charging current and other parameters vary considerably between devices.

“Given the unsatisfactory progress on this voluntary approach, the Commission will shortly be carrying out an impact assessment to assess the costs and benefits of various other options,” Vestager said Reuters ,

We are curious which direction the whole thing is going to develop. There has been very little movement in this matter over the last decade or so.

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