Apple Music: New Playlist “Friends Mix”

Apple Music launches a new playlist so you can discover new music. The new playlist will be named “Friends Mix” and will be updated on Mondays.

New “Friends Mix” playlist in Apple Music

In the category “For You” Apple Music launches a new playlist “Friends Mix”. It contains a total of 25 songs and lists tracks that your Apple Music friends hear. It seems that this new playlist will be gradually turned up for Apple users, whether it’s iOS 11 or iOS 12 Beta.

The “For You” section has a variety of playback lists that update weekly. So far, there have been “Favorites Mix”, “Chill Mix” and “New Music Mix”. Now, “Friends Mix” joins in. If you’re connected to friends through Apple Music, you’ll hear songs that your friends hear within the new playlist.

With iOS 11, Apple has strengthened the social components within Apple Music. You can follow friends and they can follow you. For example, you can watch what yours is listening to. With the new Friends Mix, you’ll always get the most popular songs of your friends on a playlist every Monday. On Tuesdays, the “My Favorites” list will always be up to date, the “New Music Mix” will be updated on Fridays and every Sunday there will be new songs in “My Chill Mix”. (via 9to5Mac )

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