Leak: Internal Apple Videos Show Repair Instructions for the iPhone X, iMac Pro and MacBook Pro [Videos]

A number of repair videos, which are to come directly from Apple, have found their way into the vastness of YouTube. In a total of 11 videos we see how Apple prepares its service staff for the repair of an iPhone X to the iMac Pro.

Like reddit User turnby was discovered, YouTube’s Apple Internal 11 repair manuals are viewable. motherboard has contacted the creator who discovered the videos on Twitter about a month ago.

“When I saw these videos, I downloaded them out of curiosity and when his account was locked, I wanted people to still see them, so I uploaded them to YouTube.”

The videos describe in detail the repair processes for the iPhone X, the MacBook Pro and the iMac Pro. These videos will not be available for too long, so check them out as long as you can. The authenticity of the videos is almost certain with the copyrights of Apple and the recordings of diagnostic tools and documentation.

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