Netflix with a refreshed application on Smart TV – now it has to be more convenient

The Netflix website directory grows dynamically but the app on Smart TV it has remained unchanged for years. Finally, it begins to change. The process of its updating has begun and if you have not yet received a new Netflix, it should soon reach you.

“We know there are so many great stories in our library that sometimes users need some help to find out where to start” – wrote Stephen Garcia responsible for netflix innovations. This is what the new TV interface is about to be.

Netflix argues that the introduction of the new interface was preceded by a series of tests and tests. All this to make it as easy as possible to find interesting titles on TV sets (which are not as intuitive as computers or smartphones). Effect? It has to be simpler and more intuitive, and nicer at the same time.

Netflix new interface

First of all, some of the elements (including the search engine and “My list”, where the titles to be watched) were moved to the main menu on the left side of the screen. This section is to improve the discovery of new movies and series, and to continue the current ones.

The trailer of the main movie or series is displayed in full screen (in the background), which makes it easier to decide whether to watch or skip a given title. Probably soon we will all be able to see if these benefits are really felt.

Source: Netflix, TechCrunch

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