Netflix codes will disappear from Allegro – a new entry has appeared in the regulations

The fact is that the subscription that allows you to watch all interesting movies and TV series on Netflix in high quality, it costs a little. The owners of the platform, however, do not make problems anymore when one wants to use one package in several people. Although it connects to this, the problem that not only this VoD service has to fight is a bit different – these are keys sold for example on Allegro whose legality is often questionable. The time of change has come.

Netflix, Showmax, HBO GO and other websites with movies and TV series have their own systems and it should be used directly if you want to join the group of subscribers. However, it is not a secret that thanks to Allegro codes, you can do it cheaper. Actually, it was possible, because on Wednesday, July 18, in Allegro’s regulations a new entry has appeared which prevents the sale of this type of keys:

“The object of the Offer may not be […] All kinds of codes, passwords, tokens, keys or accounts (hereinafter referred to collectively as” Codes “), which allow only free access and use of services enabling viewing and listening to multimedia content on request via the Internet in the form of video on demand eg. Netflix, Showmax, HBO Go, Cda Premium,,, with the exception of gift cards or vouchers, including Codes that are distributed by entities conducting official activities in the scope of their resale, operating under contracts with Allegro. ”

A few weeks ago, SW Research analysts said that even every tenth Netflix user in Poland could use it in a way that was not entirely honest. The owners of the platform will probably be happy with the changes introduced by Allegro (although it is hard to believe that this should close the case once and for all).

Source: Wirtualnemedia, Allegro. foto: FirmBee / Pixabay (CC0)

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