From Virginia to Belgium – Google will connect the US cable with Europe

As it is one of the foundations of its activity, the company Google has many data centers around the world. One of them is in Virginia, for example, and another in Belgium. As part of an ambitious project called Dunant, the giant intends to combine them now.

Dunant is the name of a 6.5 thousand km cable connection that will be placed in the Atlantic Ocean. Even before the end of 2020, it will allow quick and smooth exchange of information between American and European centers, which will benefit not only Google, but also its customers on both continents.

Google Dunant

“Dunant will be the first private, transatlantic cable connection built by a company outside the telecommunications industry. It will increase network opportunities along the Atlantic – one of the busiest roads on the Internet. ” , completed Jayne Stowell’s information with Google.

Named after the founder of the Red Cross and the winner of the first Nobel Peace Prize, he is already the fourth such a major cable project announced by Google Cloud this year. What are the other ones? Well, Curie will connect Chile with Los Angeles, Havfrue – United States with Denmark and Ireland, and HK-G – a few points in Asia.

Source: PCMag, Gizmodo, Google. Illustration: PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay (CC0)

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