New in iOS 12 Beta 4 (including USB Restricted Mode is improved)

Last night, Apple has the iOS 12 Beta 4 Approved. This can now be downloaded and installed by registered developers. From beta to beta, Apple makes adjustments. Among other things, bugs are eliminated, new features implemented and other features optimized.

New in iOS 12 Beta 4

Meanwhile, a few hours have passed since the release of iOS 12 Beta 4. Some changes / improvements have already been shown for beta 3. The list is certainly not exhaustive, but gives a good overview of what measures Apple has taken.

  • New welcome screen in the Voice Memos app
  • New Welcome screen for screen time
  • Voice Memo app for the iPad has been redesigned
  • CarPlay works perfectly again with simultaneous use of the camera
  • Watch App now shows third-party apps that work with the Siri dial
  • 11 new activities app stickers
  • Scrolling looks smoother
  • Improvements in deleting all notifications
  • iPhone-only apps on the iPad now use the iPhone 6 view (not the iPhone 4 version anymore)

USB mode is improved

With iOS 11.4.1 Apple has introduced a new USB mode which is to make it difficult to crack the passcode. If an iOS device is not unlocked for more than one hour on iOS 11.4.1, it can only be loaded via the Lightning port. Data connection will then no longer be allowed.

With iOS 12, Apple goes one step further. Since the iOS 12 Beta 4, the device must be unlocked so that it can connect to a USB accessory when connected through the Lightning port. Thus, the above hours when connecting accessories is obsolete and hacking tools such as the GrayKey box have more difficult to crack a device.

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