Apple Watch Series 3: New “Close Your Rings” clips motivate you to move

Apple advertises the Apple Watch as an ideal fitness and health companion, and this is reflected in a new wave of commercials. Three new “Close Your Rings” clips on Apple’s Australian YouTube channel show how the Apple Watch can motivate us daily to achieve goals.

A day with the Apple Watch

Apple wants to motivate Apple Watch owners to move, exercise and stand (rather than sit). To visualize this, Apple relies on three rings to “close” users. Apple Watch users can also master monthly challenges and earn awards by repeatedly closing the rings, making them a motivating feature for many wearers.

To highlight these features, Apple has been using the slogan “Close Your Rings” for several years as part of a fitness-focused marketing campaign. Even in the new and rapid 15-second video Apple is dedicated to the activity rings. We each see a different person – Eric, Atilla and Yocelin – as they spend their busy days, closing their rings for exercise, practice and standing on the Apple Watch Series 3. Eric cycles, walks with his dog, buys seafood, cooks, climbs stairs and dances. Atilla runs, swims, plays table tennis and goes shopping. Yocelin plays basketball, dances, draws, puts on new clothes and practices yoga – a normal day with the Apple Watch.

These ads are probably one of the latest marketing campaigns for the Apple Watch Series 3, with new models of the Series 4 with a presumably larger display to be expected in September.

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