CarPlay can be retrofitted into five-year-old Mazda vehicles

Over 400 vehicle models now support CarPlay. Even if new models are not added daily, the list of compatible vehicles is growing steadily. Also Mazda is from now on with the party. Not only in new vehicles CarPlay can be scaffolded, even older models can be made fit for the Apple technology later.

Mazda supports CarPlay

That’s good news for Mazda customers in the daytime. From now on, apps and content from smartphones are entering the Mazda models with a new smartphone integration. The system is able to transfer selected content from a smartphone directly into MZD Connect via the applications Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The system can not only be ordered as an option for all Mazda new vehicles, but can also be retrofitted to all Mazda models with MZD Connect, which was first introduced in the Mazda3 in 2013.

If you would like to retrofit CarPlay or Android Auto, you will need to install a software update and a new USB hub. The iPhone is then connected via cable to the new USB hub and thus to the vehicle. For new vehicles, the prerequisites are integrated at the factory.

For new vehicles 300 Euro are due for CarPlay. The retrofit for older vehicles costs 220 euros (plus installation costs). From the end of July, both options can be ordered. If you ask us, it’s a great achievement by Mazda, which you can even retrofit with CarPlay for even five year old cars. Since many a vehicle manufacturer can cut off a slice of. (via Mazda press )

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