When will we see fragments of the Doom Eternal game?

The announcement of DOOM Eternal was one of the nicer surprises brought by the fair E3 2018 . However, we did not know many details at the time, we wait for them all the time. Until when?

Bethesda did not hide from the very beginning when she would most likely be bragging about the title. In fact, it was only now remembered, additionally revealing a few particulars.

Published on social networks, graphics clearly suggest that the Doom Eternal show will take place on August 10. You can expect live broadcasts, exact hours are not given. For those who will not have the time or willingness to follow the broadcast, materials will probably be published.

The date is not accidental. The next edition of the QuakeCon event will take place on August 9-12.

Doom Eternal does not yet have a release date.

Source: DOOM

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