MacBook Pro 2018: new keyboard has thin silicone layer under each button

A few days ago, Apple introduced the new Apple MacBook Pro 2018. This can be done immediately order through the Apple Online Store , The new model not only represents a performance upgrade to its predecessor, but also features a third-generation butterfly keyboard. But what exactly is behind the new keyboard generation?

Apple optimizes MacBook Pro keyboard

Every now and then again appeared in recent years criticism of the butterfly keyboard of the MacBooks. Users reported problems that included expressing that the buttons did not respond properly. A few weeks ago, Apple had A service program for this problem has been launched , At the same time, however, it was said that only a small number of users are affected.

When Apple introduced the new MacBook Pro 2018 just a few days ago, the manufacturer emphasized that they had used an improved third generation keyboard for quieter typing. With no syllable you went to see if you have also addressed the above problem. Compared to various media representatives, however, Apple confirmed that they have focused exclusively on the quieter typing in the developers of the third generation of the Butterfly keyboard. The keyboard problems, which concerns according to Apple only a small number of users, were not tackled according to Apple.

The more excited we have been waiting for the teardown of MacBook Pro from iFixit. Even if the entire teardown is not finished, the repair specialists have one short interim conclusion to the keyboard online. Apple placed a new silicone cover over the butterfly mechanism under each button. For this Apple holds even a patent.

As the second embedded video shows, this silicone layer ensures that the keys are noticeably quieter and more subdued. At the same time, it will also be responsible for ensuring that no dust or crumbs get into the butterfly mechanism.

As already mentioned, Apple founded the silicone layer with a quieter tap. The welcome side effect may be that less dirt enters the system and thus provides clamping buttons. The coming weeks and months will show how the new butterfly keyboard beats.

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