Microsoft Teams for free – a tool for working in teams that may threaten Slack

Microsoft Teams is such a more extensive and transparent competitor of Slack. However, he could not compete with him seriously, as only 365 Office subscribers had access to it. The Redmond giant decided that it was time to change it and make his tool available for free.

What is Microsoft Teams at all? This tool is intended for teams, ensuring convenient communication and effective cooperation on projects. Planning, scheduling or even transferring files – all of this can be done from this one application.

From now everyone can use Microsoft Teams free of charge. This is something that should interest the teams, as well as force Slack’s owners, for whom sharing such a powerful tool for free means a serious blow.

Currently, 200,000 companies use Microsoft Teams. Small entrepreneurs and freelancers rarely opted for this option, because they would also have to pay the Office 365 subscription, which would not necessarily be profitable for them. Time will tell if they will change their minds now.

Microsoft Teams

Let’s add that the free version of Microsoft Teams allows you to create up to 300-person groups and gives you access to text, voice and video chat. It allows full indexing of messages and inviting guests, and the basic limitations are such that the team has a maximum of 10 GB of space for shared files and that there is no option to schedule meetings or record them.

For comparison, the free Slack allows you to search up to 10,000 messages, offers video calls only in 1: 1 mode, does not support guests and gives 5 GB of file space. Whoever has a more attractive offer now seems so obvious. On the other hand, there is also something in which Microsoft Teams loses – there is no Linux application.

More information about free Microsoft Teams (and its comparison to paid variants) you will find on the services page .

Source: The Verge, Microsoft

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