Intel Xeon E-2100 – the premiere of processors for basic workstations

Intel introduced the Xeon E-2100 processors, hence the successors models from the Xeon E3 v6 series . The new systems will work in primary class workstations, where they provide developers with high performance single-threaded applications.

The new Intel Xeon E processors are a powerful combination of performance and features for entry-level workstations. The systems have been designed and made to meet the high demands of creative professionals. Compared to civilian counterparts, the units are equipped with an ECC operational memory controller, which is key to ensuring maximum data integrity, improving system stability and reducing the risk of data corruption.

Intel Xeon E-2100 - platform

Compared to their predecessors, they offer a larger number of cores, provide higher maximum turbo frequency, faster DRAM, as well as improved I / O and advanced security and reliability functions. The latest layouts also have a built-in Intel UHD Graphics graphics chip supported by a number of applications. Integrated graphics supports 4K UHD resolution with integrated 10-bit HEVC hardware acceleration for improved 4K media decoding and encoding

The manufacturer’s offer included a total of ten processors from the Xeon E-2100 series, seven of which were equipped with integrated graphics (models with the note G). The full specification can be found in the table below.

Model cores /
timing /
L3 memory Graphic layout TDP Price
Xeon E-2186G 6/12 3.8 / 4.7 GHz 12 MB UHD P630 95 W $ 450
Xeon E-2176G 6/12 3.7 / 4.7 GHz 12 MB UHD P630 80 W $ 362
Xeon E-2174G 4/8 3.8 / 4.7 GHz 8 MB UHD P630 71 W $ 328
Xeon E-2146G 6/12 3.5 / 4.5 GHz 12 MB UHD P630 80 W $ 311
Xeon E-2144G 4/8 3.6 / 4.5 GHz 8 MB UHD P630 71 W $ 272
Xeon E-2136 6/12 3.3 / 4.5 GHz 12 MB 80 W $ 284
Xeon E-2134 4/8 3.5 / 4.5 GHz 8 MB 71 W $ 250
Xeon E-2126G 6/6 3.3 / 4.5 GHz 12 MB UHD P630 80 W $ 255
Xeon E-2124G 4/4 3.4 / 4.5 GHz 8 MB UHD P630 71 W $ 213
Xeon E-2124 4/4 3.3 / 4.3 GHz 8 MB 71 W $ 193

Workstations equipped with Intel Xeon systems meet the very diverse requirements of creative professionals in such areas as architecture, engineering, media and entertainment, and financial services. The Intel Xeon E processor is the latest product among Intel-offered processors that are optimized for workstations, including the Intel Xeon Scalable series and Intel Xeon W processors.

Intel Xeon

Platforms based on Intel Xeon E-2100 processors are already available in OEM sales offers.

Source: Intel, AnandTech

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