A million zlotys for a flight to the cosmic border

Already next year, the first lucky ones will have the opportunity to see our planet from space, in the Blue Origin capsule . Based on information from reliable sources, the Reuters agency reported how much it will cost.

From $ 200,000 to $ 300,000 – that’s what you’ll have to pay for the space in the New Shepard capsule, which is a reusable rocket that Blue Origin, the space company of Jeff Bezos, has also created, the Amazon-led rocket.

At best, the price will be PLN 750,000, and it is likely that you will have to pay about a million for such a journey of life. Quite a few, but Reuters says that at least at the beginning of Blue Origin, it will be losing anyway. How is this possible?

Blue Origin capsule

Well, analyst Marco Caceres from Teal Group calculated that for one flight the company will have to spend about 10 million dollars. The capsule will fit a maximum of six people, which means that the tickets themselves will allow you to recover a small part of the costs incurred. Of course, Blue Origin will strive for optimization.

The Blue Origin manned capsule has “the largest windows in space”, as the producer boasts and six lucky people will see the Earth from a height of about 100 kilometers, a boundary border of space and air space.

The details of how exactly the flight will take place, however, are not known. We only know that there is a few minutes of weightlessness in the program. So it will be a good, but certainly unforgettable journey. Blue Origin employees will be the first to choose it, but later everyone (with millions to spend) will be able to taste it.

Source: Reuters, Engadget. Photo: Blue Origin

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