Twitter has closed more than 70 million fake accounts in the past two months

Again Washington Post Twitter, in the fight against fake accounts switched a gear higher. In the months of May and June alone, more than 70 million user profiles have been blocked, which among other things have spread false information.

Twitter cleans up

On average, Twitter has been removing more than a million fake accounts every day for the past two months. With this measure the service wants to prevent the misuse of the platform. So far, Twitter had boasted that one does not want to restrict the freedom of expression and responded only cautious when it came to the activities of fake accounts. Meanwhile, the danger of these “members” but prevails. So the fake news in particular are a thorn in the eye. Incorrect information not only affects the community’s opinion, but also creates insecurity, says Del Harvey, Twitters vice president of security:

“Freedom of expression becomes meaningless when people feel insecure.”

The fact that user numbers dropped in the second quarter as a result of the massive blockages means that Twitter is accepting. On the “Daily Active Users” the spell wave should not have much influence anyway, since the controversial accounts are not regularly active. The trend of closures will thus continue in the month of July. Furthermore, the current procedure is just one of several steps to stem the abuse of the platform. So the so-called “Shadow Banning” should ensure that a criticized Tweet loses relevance and goes down in the tide of daily tweets.

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