The premiere of GTA 6 in 2019? No, it’s a false alarm

Grand Theft Auto is a series that can boast of millions of fans around the world. The last days brought a lot of confusion, but the joy of the alleged announcement of the premiere of the new version turned out to be premature.

All the guilty was the message in GTA Online, which some players noticed a few days ago. He informed that GTA 6 will appear in 2019. The news came from the producer himself.

Some immediately saw something suspicious in it, but also those who shouted for joy. It is hardly surprising, since some portals have also applauded it. This time, they were right, the first ones. Producer through social media explained the whole situation.

As you can see, everything turned out to be a joke, which was achieved thanks to the available tools for creating mods.

Source: Rockstar Support

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