Presentation of Dell EMC PowerMax servers – high efficiency for enterprises

Presentation of Dell EMC PowerMax servers

Last Thursday, the presentation of the newest servers took place at the McLaren Thought Leadership Center Dell EMC from the PowerMax series, combined with a discussion of Dell’s cooperation with McLaren.

PowerMax models were created primarily for professional applications. They are equipped with powerful processors Intel Xeon E5 and one of the fastest disk arrays in the world, based on NVMe SSDs. Thanks to them and effective resource management through artificial intelligence algorithms, servers from Dell EMC can boast of really promising parameters.

Dell EMC PowerMax Pre-picture

The manufacturer ensures trouble-free service of up to 10 million input-output per second (IOPS), bandwidth up to 150 GB / s and 50% lower delay than the VMAX 950F model, based on SAS SSD drives. The maximum capacity at which the entire system is to maintain its efficiency reaches 4 PB.

In practice, the PowerMax series databases are characterized by unparalleled high performance, which is able to easily handle the demanding tasks that are currently posed to these types of products. Such parameters according to Dell EMC will provide a data center for many years of trouble-free operation, even if in the future they will have to deal with more demanding tasks.

Dell EMC PowerMax

It is also worth writing a few words about Dell’s cooperation with McLaren, a key one for both sides. It’s thanks to Dell that the F1 team from Woking can collect terabytes of data coming from almost 300 sensors in the car and analyze them in real time.

Participants of the meeting were also invited to a short trip to the futuristic McLaren Technology Center, which is the headquarters of the British motosport icon. It is in it that the most valuable copies of road and sports models produced by this company are stored.

mclaren f1

We liked the fifth prototype of the McLaren F1, the most iconic supercar from the 1990s. It was this copy that beat the speed record, which for several years gave this model the title of the fastest serial car in the world.

mclaren f1 gtr

As fans of long-distance races, and in particular the annual Le Mans 24h race, we could not pass by the next three F1 models: GTR (Le Mans winner in 1995), orange LM and GTR Long Tail in Gulf colors.

McLaren cars

In addition to them, you could also look closely at almost every F1 car from the McLaren stable, including those where the legendary Ayrton Senna achieved its greatest success.

Source: Own information, Dell EMC

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