Today the premiere of The Crew 2 – is better than before, but …

A few days ago Ubisoft published the premiere trailer for The Crew 2 and today the game officially lands on store shelves – both real and virtual ones.

The Crew 2 – today the game’s premiere

After nice The Crew and seriously expanding it Wild Run additive , Ubisoft has prepared completely new races, which, however, are consistent with the original concept. So we have a fully open world, a loose approach to realism and various machines at our disposal – this time it is not only cars and motorcycles, but also planes and boats.

The Crew 2 moto

Each review of The Crew 2 is similar

Does The Crew 2 give advice (available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)? The first reviews show that both, yes and no. An average of 7/10 shows that it is better than the first part, but it is still far from perfect.

The Crew 2 auto

Critics appreciate the ambitions of the creators of Ivory Tower, but also pay attention to the fact that although the huge world can be traversed at the controls of various machines, ultimately there is little to do here. There is a simple assumption and a lot of freedom, and you can count on a nice game, but you still lack the “something” that would attract you to the screen for longer.

The Crew 2 forest

A pleasant average who can be given a chance

According to the review, The Crew 2 is definitely not a bad game, but it is not a production that you can admire. He is a strong, nice average. In the meantime, let’s recall one of the earlier trailers:

Source: Metacritic, Ubisoft

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