ARKit 2: Reading the paper like Harry Potter

In the fall of this year brings Apple ARKit 2.0 on the market , With iOS 11, Apple put on ARKit 1.0, iOS 11.3 brought ARKit 1.5 and with iOS 12 follows ARKit 2.0. Apple attaches great importance to augmented reality. Another surfaced video demonstrates the possibilities.

ARKit 2: Reading the paper like Harry Potter

With ARKit 2.0, Apple is upgrading its Augmented Reality. The keywords here are improved image recognition and tracking, persistent AR, QuickLook and more. In addition, Apple has improved the accuracy of ARKit. This is demonstrated by the company’s own “Messen” app, which is part of iOS 12. Measure uses AR to capture the size of real objects.

Already in the last weeks we have you here or there already given a few insights on what ARKit 2.0 actually offers for new possibilities. The video included here shows us impressively, which new possibilities are opened up as well.

Presumably, very few of us will soon be reading the paper through an iPad or an iPhone. That’s not what it’s all about in the first place. It aims to demonstrate the potential in augmented reality. Presumably, we’ll read the paper sooner or later, like in a Harry Potter movie.

Such AR features are likely to be really exciting when there are comfortable and powerful AR goggles. Rumors that Apple is already working on an AR glasses. Until these come on the market, however, should still forgive a few years.

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