A German student showed the world an “airbag” for smartphones

Although the functionality of smartphones is constantly increasing, their strength remains at a similar, quite low level. Especially in the context of how these devices endure falls. With the help of various types of covers come, but they do not provide complete protection against damage. Maybe it will change after some time.

For example, when the gadget developed by Philip Frenzel will go on sale. A German student showed the world an “airbag” for smartphones. However, this applies more to the functionality of the gadget, because in terms of design it is a case with built-in, pull-out and flexible feet responsible for cushioning the smartphone during a fall.

This is best illustrated by the video material below. Interestingly, for Philip, the motivation for developing this gadget was to damage the display on his smartphone. Probably the meaning was that it was an Apple iPhone, where the repair costs are extremely high.

The gadget is currently in the prototype phase. The originator, however, wants it to go to mass production. The campaign on the Kickstarter website can help. Its start is planned for next month.

Source: pcmag, Landesschau Baden-W├╝rttemberg

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