Wiko View 2 Collection – Polish premiere of smartphones from the lower middle shelf

Wiko is a French mobile brand with a mission, with smaller shares in the global market, although in Western Europe it ranks high in the rankings (2nd place in France, 4th place in Western Europe according to GFK data for the previous year). The company targets smartphones equipped with weaker components, but also stylized for higher positioned products. How it looks in practice shows our test Wiko View .

Wiko in the world

Wiko offer
Wiko is smartphones, but also mobile accessories

Wiko in Poland it debuted in 2014 , three years after the company was founded, and a few months ago, Wiko and Tinno, a Chinese producer responsible for production, were announced. In May, a new series of Wiko View 2 smartphones appeared on the market, and now they have arrived in Poland. The product premiere coincided with the announcement of Joanna Jóźwik, a Polish runner at 800 meters, the ambassador of the product. It will promote Wiko smartphones as an athlete who is still on the move and as a blogger. I had the opportunity to meet Joanna in person during the premiere. If the new Wiko will be as nice as our runner, success is guaranteed. The prices of Wiko View 2 and Wiko View 2 Pro have been set at 849 and 1249 zlotys, which suggests their purpose.

Wiko customer profiles
Who is buying Wiko. Theoretically everyone, but there is no doubt that these are budgetary devices

Recall how Wiko View 2 looks like paper

We know the prices, let’s see what comes out of them, or how these smartphones from the lower middle shelf look like on paper.

Wiko View 2 and View 2 Pro

Wiko View 2 Collection

Both models are equipped with 6-inch IPS LCD screens with a resolution of 720 x 1528 pixels (19: 9 aspect ratio, but remember that part of the theoretically designed surface for the display is taken by the front camera). Visually, they are very similar to each other, but after a while when you get used to the rather original and deep indentation (or you can even define them as notch), we feel the aluminum wall in your hand, you will see the first difference.

Viko View 2 gives the impression of having two lenses. But this is only a stylistic treatment, there is no second lens, there is only LED. However, the View 2 Pro has a dual camera. In View 2 the camera has a 13 Mpix sensor, in the View 2 Pro the main camera in the back has 16 MP sensors.

Joanna Jóźwik and Wiko View 2 Pro cameras

The Pro model would deserve its name as something must stand out. Wiko focuses on photo and video functions – announces the camera’s efficient operation in low light, fast AF (technology is described as Super Phase Detection AF, which means an even better phase detection). There are also technologies that improve hardware noise reduction and photographing in dim lighting using the front camera. It is a pity that the video is only FullHD, but good at least at 60 fps. In View 2, we have only 30 fps.

Further differences are hidden under the hood and make up the difference in price. In View 2 we have 3 GB RAM, 32 GB memory and Snapdragon 435 chipset, and in View 2 Pro Snapdragon 450 chipset (better than Snapdragon 435, you can specify it as a simpler version Snapdragon 625) and a higher memory dose – 4 and 64 GB respectively. The built-in memory can be expanded by allocating one of the two nanoSIM card slots to the microSD card.

Wiko Joanna Jozwik

Both smartphones are equipped with a fingerprint reader, radio, battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh and of course Android 8.1. Other specifications are not unique. There is Wi-Fi with NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, LTE support compatible with Cat 6. These are not the latest technologies, but consistent with what in most cases the average user Viko View 2 and View 2 Pro will now have access to your accessories and equipment network.

Design practically without objections, and when it will be with the “soul” it will show tests

Once an important element of the review was criticism or praise for the style of the housing. Today, smartphones have become not so much identical (although striving to unify the structure is noticeable), which is pretty, regardless of the shelf (higher or lower). A few moments with Viko View 2 Pro is not enough to get an accurate opinion, but it seems that the use of a smartphone (I’m not talking about speed) should be pleasant, especially when we are followers of the pure Android system.

The appearance of smartphones itself should also be a reason for contentment, although a few paragraphs below I still say that the cut on the camera Wiko serves is a serious challenge to our sense of aesthetics.

Wiko View2 Pro pouch front

Wiko View2 Pro case back
Case for Wiko View 2 Pro

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