IGTV, or “vertical YouTube” from Instagrama

Many websites have already been dethroned YouTube or at least make a fight with him. Once again Marek Zuckerberg’s team tries to do it, this time under the flag Instagrama specifically: using the IGTV application.

IGTV is a new (though linked to Instagram) platform for video creators. Its owners encourage you to create channels and share movies that can last longer than a minute (which may be a novelty for instructors) – they can actually last up to an hour.

IGTV start

Using the IGTV application is to be simplified to the limit – all you need to do is start to automatically start playing videos from your personalized list. Of course, there is also a lack of options for lajkowania, commenting and sharing.

“As in television, IGTV has channels, but here are the creators themselves. […] Instagram was created to connect people who inspire, educate and play every day. Thanks to IGTV, a new chapter opens and we hope that it will allow us to get closer to people and things that we love even more. ” – wrote Kevin Systrom, general director.

A characteristic feature of this site is that it has been designed for (so hated by many) vertical orientation. Instagram tries to make an advantage of it. And … it can really work, because smartphones are becoming more and more important devices for receiving video content every day.

IGTV play

Such adaptation to mobile devices may seem like a controversial idea, but it certainly is not senseless (at least from a business point of view). IGTV, which can be used on Android and iOS smartphones, has a chance for success, especially since Instagram itself has over one billion users.

And what do you think about it? Will IGTV be able to fight YouTube, and in the future may even push it from the leader position?

Source: Instagram Info Center, The Next Web, The Verge

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