Apple Originals: Is Apple taking over a media company?

The speculation about Apple’s TV offensive continue. Currently, there is not a week when we do not hear about a new Apple TV series. These are joined by rumors that Apple has a Subscription service wants to introduce that could be cheaper than Netflix. The Hollywood Reporter Now gives us a look at Apple’s ambitious project. So it is believed that Apple could soon acquire an existing media company.

Is Apple buying a streaming service?

The next stop in Apple’s TV schedule is to be taken over by a major media company. At least that’s what Tim Goodman suspects in his column. Here, the industry expert explains that Apple has to offer more than previously seen to convince its customers of a TV subscription model.

He refers in this context to Apple deal for the format of the series “Calls”, which also includes the French original version. This, according to Goodman, suggests that Apple may plan to acquire and expand an existing streaming service. Goodman is therefore convinced that it is only a matter of time before Apple acquires a corresponding provider.

As the expert notes, it initially looked like Apple would rest on its reputation and try out a dozen interesting projects. The last few weeks, however, show Goodman that Apple is serious. And if Apple is serious, there is no way around a major investment over to have enough catalog material in one go. This is only possible with the acquisition of an appropriate content owner.

It is not the first time that Apple has been proposed to buy an existing television / media company. It was reported that Apple had approached Time Warner for a possible takeover, but it was reported that they had been beaten by AT & T.

A wish deal for many industry connoisseurs would be one takeover from Disney or Netflix. However, this idea remains utopian, even if Apple could theoretically afford the companies. Recently, Eddy Cue had already tried to take the wind out of speculation and explained that Apple is not a company that has made large acquisitions in the past to build something new. However, the past also shows that we are at least having a takeover in one “Beats” -Größenordnung can count.

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