Grab Shadowrun Returns Deluxe for free

It’s a game that it moves virtually on every computer and can perfectly fill the time of practically every player. If you have not played at it yet Shadowrun Returns , a better opportunity to get a copy may not be in the near future.

The Shadowrun Returns game is available completely for free in the Humble Store . What’s more – in the Deluxe edition, which also includes: Anthology extension and soundtrack. Do what you need by June 23, until 19.00, and you will not pay a zloty.

Shadowrun Returns

If you do not know, the Shadowrun Returns game representing the cRPG genre invites us to the magical variant of the cyberpunk world of 2054. By presenting the action in an ismo-metric plan, it allows us to take control of the mercenaries whose task is the “cleaning” rightly understood by you.

There are several character classes in Shadowrun Returns, and their representatives have different skills associated with the four realities: physical, digital, mystical and astral. The fight takes place in a turn-based system, which means that good tactics are the basis for the entire game. This is how it looks like on the trailer:

Source: Humble Store

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