Apple Originals: Apple plans adaptation of the French series “Calls”

Apple continues to expand its plans for exclusive TV content. The latest deal is an adaptation of the French TV series “Calls”, which tells the plot especially with audio recordings.

US version of “Calls”

Since a majority of viewers in the US are reluctant to see foreign films, successful titles are quickly adapted by Hollywood. The mini-series “Calls” created by Timothée Hochet is also being re-produced for the US audience. The series order comes from Apple, with which the company has secured another title for its original program.

“Calls” offers stories from life that are told in the form of audio clips. The plot is supported by the use of minimalist imagery. The series’s IMDb and official Facebook pages indicate that many of the episodes are also turning to the horror / mystery genre. The original French version contains ten episodes of about ten minutes each. What we are dealing with in the series is an episode of the original that CANAL + provides on its YouTube channel:

The English version of the series will be co-produced with Canal +. As part of the agreement, Apple has also acquired the rights to the first season of the French original. Variety assumes that Apple will remain true to the original concept. Officially, however, there is still no information on how the stories are presented.

It was a busy month for Apple’s TV team. In recent weeks, the reports of new productions that Apple has commissioned gathered. The anthology series ” Little America “, A film adaptation of the young reporter’s adventures Hilde Lysiak and an exclusive deal with the award-winning animation studio Cartoon saloon ,

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