There will be more commercials on TV, and users on this … are pulling out smartphones

Increasingly television loses to the Internet and this is, among others, due to advertisements which, instead of interrupting the program, are actually interrupted. Can it get worse? Of course, yes – the European Commission proposes loosening the limits for broadcasters.

Currently, the regulations allow you to display ads by 20 percent. Antenna time for each clock hour (meaning they can last exactly 12 minutes). The new project assumes dividing the day into three parts, in which different rules would apply:

  • from 6.00 to 18.00 – ads can be 20 percent. transmission time (the entire cycle, not hours),
  • from 18.00 to 0.00 – ads can be 20 percent. transmission time (the entire cycle, not hours),
  • from 0.00 to 6.00 – advertising can be any part of the transmission time.

Old TV

What can this lead to? Well, at the time of the day when the audience is the smallest (eg around noon), there will be no ads at all, but during the evening film screening information about a new beer perfect for summer, dietary supplements for anything or the possibility of saving 50 groszy per kilogram Washing powder will appear literally every now and then.

Gemius TV hours

If there are more ads, no one will watch it? Doubtful – already today they can effectively discourage the screening, and yet television stations do not complain about viewing statistics in the evening hours. Because advertising is not a problem when you have a smartphone at hand …

According to Gemius, 90 percent Polish Internet users use the advertising break on TV to catch up on “smartphone arrears”. Every third person browses Facebook or another social network, and every fifth is a game.

TV Gemius app

Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Gemius, Science PR, inf. own. foto: (CC0) (1) Burak Kebapci / Pexels (CC0) (2)

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