We’ve got to know the exact date of the release of the Polish KURSK game

Polish games are conquering the E3 2018 (of course, o Cyberpunk 2077 and Dying Light 2 ), but there is life outside of this event.

A home studio Jujubee finally gave the exact release date of the KURSK game. It was planned for October 11 this year – in versions on a PC with Windows and Mac.

Players will be given two releases – standard (game, wallpaper set, artbook in the form of PDF for download and soundtrack) and collector (containing additionally upcoming Kengir supplement, board game KURSK: The Board Game for self-printing, as well as the novel “ORP” in the form of an e-book). Their prices are 30 euros and 40 euros respectively.


There are also planned versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but here the debut is planned for the first half of next year. Those who use these platforms will, however, get the game bundled with the Kengir addition.

“KURSK is a fact-inspired first adventure-documentary video game in history. In the title, you play as a spy who hits the Russian nuclear ship K-141 Kursk. Your task is to get secret information about the revolutionary torpedo torpedo bullets. As you accomplish your mission, you become a witness to the dramatic events that shook the world at that time. ”

Source: jujubee

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