Vodafone: Double data volume and high smartphone discounts (for example, iPhone SE for 319 euros)

Already on Friday we informed you about a new Vodafone campaign. Customers who currently opt for a SIM-only tariff, get double data volume , But this is not the only action Vodafone has started. Many smartphones have been significantly reduced in price. So there are, for example the iPhone SE 32GB without contract for only 319 euros.

Double data volume

Vodafone has launched a time-limited smartphone and tariff campaign. As a result, new customers will receive twice the amount of data for a Red or Young smartphone rate. Prerequisite: The tariff must be completed by the end of January 2018 online at www.vodafone.de and without hardware (sim only). This means that four red and 50 gigabytes of high-speed data are available in the Red S every month.

Thick smartphone discounts at Vodafone

Even when buying a smartphone you can now save properly at Vodafone. Because Vodafone offers at selected red tariffs various models of the manufacturers Apple, Google and Huawei now only for one euro additional payment.

Vodafone writes

Vodafone customers who flirt with the latest Google smartphones, will be happy. Because until January 11, there is the Pixel 2 (64 GB) with all Red Smartphone tariffs for a one-time additional payment of one euro. For the same price Vodafone offers the Pixel 2 XL (64 GB) from tariff Red M on. Who decides on the Huawei Mate 10 pro, will pay from Red L also only one euro. Apple lovers have less time – here Vodafone offers only until December 6, the iPhone 7 (32 GB) with Red M or higher and the iPhone 8 (64 GB) from Red L for one euro.

But not only smartphones with a contract were lowered in price, even smartphones without a contract were reduced in price. Vodafone is now marketing this for just a few days iPhone SE (32 GB) for the price of 319.90 euros. The Huawei P8 lite costs 149.90 euros and the P10 lite is only marginally more expensive at 222 euros. Sony fans Vodafone offers the Xperia XA1 to 199.90 euros and the Samsung Galaxy J3-2017’s already available for 149.90 euros. If you are looking for a low-cost entry-level phone for Christmas, then the Vodafone Smart E8 will serve you well at 77 euros.

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