The foldable iPhone: Apple applies for patent for flexible displays

The US Patent and Trademark Office has today published an Apple patent application for a foldable display. The idea fits perfectly with the rumors that Apple, along with LG at one foldable iPhone is working.

The foldable iPhone

About flexible displays, the industry already felt a perpetuated eternity, a implementation for the mass market, we miss exactly as long. At least the idea of ​​implementing this technology we can now examine in a patent from Apple.

For example, the document describes a device with a flexible display that opens and closes like a book. Interestingly, the fact that Apple speaks of a micro-LED display. It has often been suspected that Apple is toying with the micro-LED technology. The last reports about issues During the production preparations, these rumors have at least for the moment taken the wind out of the sails. However, there is still enough time to get the problems under control. Before 2021, the idea of ​​a foldable iPhone should not be feasible. Should it then fail to work with the micro-LEDs, the patent also includes LCDs and OLEDs as possible technologies for use.

In addition, there are still many hurdles to be taken in development. For example, the use of a so-called shape memory alloy is mentioned. Shape memory materials have the property of “remembering” an earlier shape despite subsequent severe deformation so that they can resume their original shape. They are used, among other things, in space technology for the deployment of awnings. If you want to get more involved in Apple’s forward-looking idea, you can file for patent application “Electronic Devices With Flexible Displays” here members.

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