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The evenings are getting longer and longer and the grasp of a good book is becoming more seductive. In the search for the cosiness there is always an increase and this is found in books in the form of audiobooks. Unfortunately, these often cost many times as much as a paperback book. It is cheaper with a subscription model. We have Audioteka from mobilcom debitel Look closely and show you what the audiobook offer has to offer. You can test the service for 2 months for free ,

Audiobooks: Two free months

In cooperation with Audioteka mobilcom debitel offers an audiobook package that will shorten your long winter evenings. First, you get the free for two months md AudioBooks option , Here you can choose each month an audiobook of your choice from the Audioteka catalog. The term is six months. Thus, from the third month, the regular basic fee of 9.99 euros per month falls due.

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For those who want to get a taste of what’s on offer, the monthly cancellable package is a perfect fit. Again, you have for 9.99 euros a month, every month the free choice of an audiobook. As a welcome bonus you will receive a free month with the offer. During the free month can be canceled, so you take the test so no risk.

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The nice thing about this principle is that the Audiobook catalog also contains up-to-date audiobooks. For example, you get the audiobook on Dan Brown’s Origin, which would cost $ 19.99. Interesting is also Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs, which usually costs 34.95 euros. So we would have used our two free months already well. For the remaining months there are still some interesting candidates. Thanks to a clear genre classification, the catalog is easy to browse.

Here we noticed positively that some audiobooks not only offer the usual audio samples of about five minutes, but keep entire chapters ready for listening. For example, we listen to Dan Brown’s thriller “Inferno” for 1.5 hours or check for 40 minutes how Christoph Maria Herbst presents the bestseller “He’s back”.

If you like hearing audiobooks in another language, you will also find it. Also interesting are the so-called superproductions. These are radio plays, most of which are only available from Audioteka. There are, among other things, the listening experience of the original Kirkman comics from The Walking Dead.

Audioteka audiobooks
Audioteka audiobooks
Audioteka audiobooks
Developer: Audioteka S.A.
Price: Free +


The offer is extensive and also offers some interesting international audiobooks. In addition, access via the app or browser is made easy. The own audiobooks can be downloaded easily and are therefore intended for offline use. The quality is consistently good. Downloaded audiobooks remain in their possession even after the subscription has expired.

Anyone who already knows that he wants to use Audiobooks for the next six months, is best for the half-year subscription. Mobilcom debitel is donating the basic fee for two months.

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For testing also offers the monthly subscription, which you can cancel each 14 days to the end of the month. In this package you will receive a free month.

  • The free month of Audiobooks can be found here

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