This is how F1 2018 looks like – record of the game [ACT]

Update, June 15, 2018: Fair E3 2018 they brought the first decent game from the game F1 2018 , which from August 24 will allow us to sit behind the steering wheel of super fast cars and race, among other things, in the extended career mode. If you want to look closely at this production (for example, the view from the cockpit, below you will find a movie from IGN, which will enable this.

News, 24 May 2018: Last week, the Code Masters confirmed that they will provide us with F1 2018 in summer. The announcement was not accompanied by any video material, but it did not take long to change this situation. Today, the network has reached a mere two-minute trailer presenting a new game in action.

We hear such announcements every time, but F1 2018 is supposed to be the best looking one (mainly due to the new lighting system), the most extensive (both in terms of play modes and available cars) and the most enjoyable part of the series.

Of course you can count on current cars (with the ERS system) and tracks, but there will also be classic designs. The creators announce that F1 2018 “It will give players an even more authentic experience of Formula 1 and will allow them to participate in even more diverse and exciting races.”

The first material devoted to this game allows you to look at how Charles Leclerc deals with running a virtual version of his Alfa Romeo Sauber team car on a faithfully reproduced street track in Monaco (where the race will take place next Sunday).

F1 2018 – gameplay

“I love F1 games. As soon as I leave the car, I miss racing. So I play for fun at home, because it’s the feeling of being the closest to driving in a real car on a real track ” – said Charles Leclerc, noting the high level of realism.

We will all have to wait a while to check the game in action. The premiere of F1 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was announced on August 24.

Source: Techland, Dark Side of Gaming, IGN

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