Netflix brings the game “Minecraft: Story Mode” as an interactive series

techradar currently informs us about an interesting development at Netflix. The colleagues found out that “Minecraft: Story Mode” will be released on Netflix in the fall. The amazing thing is that the title is a game. Quick came to guess that Netflix could soon offer more games. However, according to the provider, this is not the case for the time being.

Interactive Minecraft Adventure

A deal between the developer Telltale Games and Netflix caused some speculation today. In the fall, a special version of the adventure game “Minecraft: Story Mode” will be released on the Netflix platform. The game is available since 2015 for macOS, Windows, iOS and for various consoles.

Netflix is ​​known not a gaming platform, but a streaming provider. For this reason, users will not download a game package, but watch a video stream that can be influenced by the remote control. “Minecraft: Story Mode” is ideal for this because the game has a very quiet gameplay, where you have the opportunity to make a decision now and then. These choices determine, in slight variation, the course of the story and the relationships with the characters. Despite the quiet mind of the game, Telltale Games will have to make some adjustments.

Netflix confirms “Minecraft: Story Mode”

Meanwhile, Netflix has also commented on the subject and confirmed that “Minecraft: Story Mode” will be available in its own streaming portal this autumn. Traditional games or even a game service will not be there according to the statement.

However, since Netflix is ​​not averse to “interactive storytelling,” we would not be surprised if more of Telltale’s games appear on Netflix in the near future. First, we will wait for the resonance of the Minecraft story told in five episodes. Who knows, maybe later there will be a special version of “The Stranger Things”. The Netflix hit is also currently being developed by Telltale Games for PCs and consoles.

Minecraft: Story Mode
Minecraft: Story Mode
Minecraft: Story Mode
Developer: Telltale Inc
Price: Free +

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