iOS 12: Apple confirms measures against hackers (including GrayKey Box)

As the New York Times Apple reports that iOS 12 closes a technological gap that allowed law enforcement authorities to gain unauthorized access to iPhones. In particular, in recent months, the GrayKey box cause a stir, because the hardware can crack the passcode of iPhones in a relatively short time.

Apple locks GrayKey and Co. out

Apple has been working for some time on a mode that is designed to leverage the functionality of unlock devices, such as the GrayKey box. With the so-called “USB Restricted Mode”, the USB function of the iPhone Lightning interface is disabled as soon as the user has not unlocked the device for a period of one hour. The charging function is retained.

Because the Unlock devices need a data port for their work, Apple would ruin the GrayKey provider Grayshift. But not only Grayshift will be affected by the measure, too Cellebrite has already cracked iPhones successfully. Although it is not yet confirmed that the competitor uses the Lightning port for its attacks, but experts assume.

Originally the “USB Restricted Mode” was intended for iOS 11.3. Although he was already integrated in the associated beta, the mode was missing however in the final version. Interestingly, in the then implementation, the USB protection function became active one week after the last unlock. However, Apple has opted for iOS 12 to a much more drastic measure and reduces the time to one hour.

As Apple has now confirmed to the New York Times, the protection will be part of iOS 12. Under “Touch ID & Passcode” in the settings of the iOS device, the USB access setting can be configured. By default, all iOS devices have enabled this setting after upgrading to iOS 12, which means that law enforcement agencies are having much more difficulty accessing iOS 12 and beyond devices.

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