Hands-on: iOS 12 function “screen time”

With iOS 12, Apple is launching several new features this autumn to help you understand and control the time you spend on your iOS devices. Do not disturb, messages and screen time play an important role here.

“Screen time” in hands-on

Apple circumscribes screen time or screen time as follows

Screen Time provides users with detailed information and tools to help them better understand and control the time they spend on applications and websites. Daily and weekly activity reports show total time spent on individual apps, usage across app categories, how many notifications are received, and how often the iPhone or iPad is picked up. Screen Time also gives parents access to their child’s activity report directly from their own iOS devices with Family Sharing in iCloud and allows them to schedule times when they can restrict the use of a child’s iOS device, such as: B. during bedtime.

The new function screen time is a welcome innovation. We believe that far too many people spend too much time on their smartphones. With screen time you are at least a little bit sensitized and actually kept in mind how strong you use your iPhone and various apps. This is also an enrichment for parents, since they can clearly keep an eye on and control the use of children’s iPhone.

Of course, users who find the whole thing “hocus-pocus” can also turn screen time off. For our part, we at least set out to exploit the new possibilities at least to some extent and to use “downtime”, “app limits” and Co. in order to better target the iPhone. The integrated video gives you a very good insight into the new features.

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