iPad vs. Mi pad: Apple wins in front of the EU court against Xiaomi

As Reuters Apple, Apple in the trademark dispute against the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi an important victory. The EU court decided that Xiaomi should not register its name Mi Pad, which is used for tablet computers, as an EU trademark.

Danger of confusion with the iPad

Apple has prevailed in the trademark dispute against Xiaomi. At least in the EU, the Chinese manufacturer can not register the Mi Pad brand as an EU trademark. The naming is created according to the court too close to the older brand iPad, so there is a risk of confusion for the customer. Apple is now open to demand from Xiaomi to stop selling tablet computers under the name Mi Pad. Should Xiaomi still use the name, Apple would have to go to a trademark court.

This decision ends a long legal dispute between Xiaomi and Apple. Xiaomi applied for the Mi Pad wordmark in April 2014 before the European Intellectual Property Office. Apple raised opposition and referred to the already protected brand iPad. More than three years and three Mi Pads later, Apple could now prevail.

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