The European Commission, the legislative body of the economic bloc, is launching a study to assess the feasibility and potential of an EU-wide infrastructure based on Blockchain


The study, the cost of which is EUR 250,000, will focus on whether Blockchain can help the Commission achieve the objective of creating the conditions for a credible, transparent and EU lawful ‘data and transaction environment’.

In the invitation to tender, the EC said:

This study will primarily assess if, when and how Blockchain technologies can help public authorities deliver European services and implement policies in an optimized way.

Although the document does not contain many details, a ‘wide range of options’ will be explored, including existing initiatives at national or local level. In the following, we will look at how to scale such infrastructure at the EU level and what services can be supported in such a system.

The EC called for tenders as part of a process that will remain open until 19 January 2018.