Rumors say that in October Amazon may start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method


Guesses find their coverage in recent reports on Part of the research contains information that the company may have an interest in it, but nothing has yet been officially confirmed.

The article on refers to the investor’s newsletter, James Altucher. According to the source, Altucher is an experienced entrepreneur who can have information much earlier.

James Altucher founded over 20 companies, wrote 11 books and was the author of several important publications. He is a former hedge fund manager and a capitalist podcaster offering a subscription e-mail list.

~ Amazon information source.

As more and more vendors and stores offer Bitcoin payments, Amazon naturally also takes into account such a method to be able to maintain its market position. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne said:

They have to think about it. I would be surprised if they did not, because they can not just give away this part of the market if we are the only major major retail outlet that accepts Bitcoins.

Overstock has begun the trend and has embraced other technology companies. A recent comment in the Google API guide has caused many people to think that the Internet giant will start accepting Bitcoins in the Google Store, as PayPal and others have already done.