The second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg, annulled an earlier court decision that ordered the blocking of 40 websites related to Bitcoin


In July 2017, the District Court in St. Petersburg accepted the prosecutor’s request and ruled that it would block 40 websites related to kryptowalutami .

Earlier in March 2017 prosecutors from St. Petersburg filed a lawsuit to ban websites such as Bestchange . ru and 24paybank .com, because they disseminated information about digital currencies, which are not supported by any real assets and do not provide information about its owners

As a result, the District Court Oktyabrsky decided to block these websites based on the argument that:

Kryptowaluty , including Bitcoin , they are a substitute for money contributing to the growth of the informal economy and can not be used by citizens and legal entities in the Russian Federation. The free flow of information on digital currencies means active use of cryptocurrency in the trade of illegal drugs, illegal weapons, false documents and other criminal activities

On Tuesday, the City Court in St. Petersburg examined the appeal filed by the Moscow Digital Center and revoked the decision.

On the same day, February 27, Bill Gates caused a stir on Reddit when he claimed that kryptowaluty are used to buy illegal drugs and caused death in a rather direct way. ”