The rail network in the USA, Norfolk Southern, has become the newest player in the Blockchain industry in the Transport Alliance


One of fewer than a few class I railways in North America, Norfolk Southern announced on Thursday that it will participate in the consortium’s mission of setting standards for logistics companies using Blockchain technology.

The company maintains a number of railway lines in the eastern part of the sea coast, in addition to the provision of carbon and intermodal transport services in the region.

Bita’s Vice President, Fred Ehlers, said in a statement that the railroad will help streamline supply chain processes with Blockchain.

The statement was repeated by Chris Burruss, who said that more than 250 members of the Alliance are working on creating “common Blockchain standards that define the future of freight traffic”, he also added that:

“Norfolk Southern offers the Alliance level of intermodal and rail expert knowledge that will benefit all members and the industry as we move towards a common structure. We are happy that we will cooperate with them as we move forward ”

The railway line joins companies such as the BNSF railway belonging to Berkshire Hathaway, which joined the alliance earlier this year. Similarly, the General Electric transport division became a member in March.